2007: A Year of Unprecedented Breakthroughs for This Business On Purpose

For the past several years one of my favorite practices for the New Year is to create a theme for the year. This year’s theme is simply — 2007 – the Year of Unprecedented Breakthroughs.

And already the year is living up to the theme, starting with a marvelous Sunday On Purpose engagement in Greenville SC, followed by a personal retreat in Miami, Florida with one of my clients where most of our ‘coaching sessions’ were conducted as we laid on the beach sunning ourselves or while strolling along the sand in 75-80 degree weather. Purposeful Play to the max — fun and plenty productive.


Upon returning to my offices in the Paradise Found of Flat Rock, I continued to ponder what it would take to continue to produce unprecedented results throughout the year. So, I’d like to share some of the purposeful principles and strategies:

1- Be a ‘Clearing’ for Breakthroughs — In other words, stay awake and aware of this intention to identify and acknowledge breakthroughs as well as being vigilant about identifying past based thoughts, ideas, emotions and beliefs that could block the breakthroughs.

2. Ask for what I want at the level of breakthrough results while continuing to be responsible for what I get. Practicing this fundamental prosperity principle has always proven to be valuable, and so easy to forget.

3. Continue to clarify the Visionary Reality of this year of breakthroughs while not being limited by the vision itself.

4. Allow and give space for breakdowns, realizing that breakdowns are often the “portal’ to breakthroughs.

5. Perhaps most importantly of all, be sure that the business continues to be a pure and full blown expression of my life purpose. Why?

Because, I’ve found that breakthroughs are a regular occurrence with a “Business On Purpose”. I believe that having ‘clarity of purpose’ as the foundation of a business sets the stage for unpredictable results and almost magical synchronicities and serendipitous occurrences.

After 10+ years as the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of a business on purpose, it’s high time for Life On Purpose to to include in our vision of creating a world on purpose, the commitment to assisting others to build their businesses on purpose with passion and play.

So, to kick this new intention off in the most powerful way I know, I’ve invited seven of my friends and colleagues who have also built businesses on purpose to share their wisdom and insights that they’ve gleaned from personal experience. Here’s why:

WORK is an integral part of people’s lives, but so many are not happy at work. They find their creativity stifled. Way too many people work simply for the paycheck. In fact, statistics collected by the Gallup Organization in 2001 indicate that less than 30 percent of American workers are fully engaged at work, while 55 percent are ‘not engaged.’ Even more alarming is that another 19 percent are ‘actively disengaged,’ meaning not just that they are unhappy at work, but they are regularly sharing those feelings with their colleagues. That’s about 1 out of every 5 people at work

So, Life On Purpose Institute is sponsoring a special BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS ON PURPOSE WITH PASSION AND PLAY TELESERIES, starting in on Wednesday, February 28 at 12 noon Eastern. This teleseries proclaims a new possibility — that when we bring our life purpose to work with us, our work becomes an integral way in which we express our purpose, thus allowing us to tap into a wellspring of passion resulting in work being much more like ‘purposeful play.’ Interestingly enough, this also allows us to be much more productive and our work to be more profitable to ourselves and to the world.

This teleseries is intended to give people the means and the courage to build a business on purpose — a thriving profitable enterprise that is a reflection of their core values, of their vision for what’s possible, and the essences of their True Self/Soul/Spirit.

Each speaker has been handpicked because they have successfully built such a business and in the process have learned vital ‘purposeful pointers’ — key strategies, mindsets, insights, principles, etc. — that have made this business-building process far easier and simpler. They have also learned ‘off purpose pointers’ — self-limiting mindsets, erroneous or out-dated strategies, business principles — that tend to interfere in creating such an enterprise.

More specifics, including a list of our great speakers will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can register for a FR.EE Building Your Business On Purpose with Passion & Play TeleSampler by going to: