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Are You Caught in a Major Issue of Our Time?

Thousands of people are faced with a “crisis of meaning.” In fact, according to Danah Zohar, author of SQ – Spiritual Intelligence, The Ultimate Intelligence, one of the major issues of our time is meaning, or really the lack of meaning and purpose in our lives.

It is a central crisis of our time. Consider this:

Two of the top ten causes of death in the Western world — suicide and alcoholism — are frequently related to this “crisis of meaning.”

But here’s the really insidious part — a personal crisis of meaning is often disguised as a problem, such as:

• Stressed out & overwhelmed by the frenetic pace your life — Do you find yourself doing more and more and enjoying it less and less. Do you find your days with with what other people expect from you — constantly running errands for your family including taking the kids to an endless array of activities, keeping the house and yard in some semblance of order, and trying to keep the bills paid down while your credit card balances keeps climbing?  The load of obligations feel heavier and heavier.

• Or perhaps you’re mostly drifting through life, buffeted by the currents of circumstances — First there’s one problem then another. Maybe you’ve become known as a “creative problem solver” but you find life increasingly less satisfying and fulfilling because no matter how many problems you solve, there’s always another one waiting in the wings.

• Or do you find yourself in a job or career that’s stifling your soul and spirit? While you may have been excited by your job at first (or not), you know the main reason you go to work these days is for the paycheck. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to look yourself in the mirror because you know you’ve sold your soul to your employer.

• Or the relationship you’re in isn’t going anywhere, or you’ve given up on ever having a warm and intimate relationship with another human being. After all, truly loving, caring relationships are simply too hard and take too much work for the small return on the time and energy invested. You’re just be satisfied loving your cat.

Why Problem Solving Doesn’t Work in the Long Run

Of course, it’s natural to work to resolve problems such as these. After all, they’re serious problems. But, for many people, life has devolved into endless problem solving. As Robert Fritz points out in his book, The Path of Least Resistance, problem solving has become a way of life for most people.

And, if you’ve become a creative problem solver, you may even see some improvement, though often it’s temporary or transitory at best — until the next problem arises. But it may be enough improvement to think you’re working on the real issue…but in many cases you’re not. The issues and problems of your life are often just a smokescreen for a much deeper issue — you’ve lost touch with your true self. You’re in a crisis of meaning.

The real issue — the real source of most people’s struggles and angst that goes around disguised as a problem is that they’ve forgotten who they are and why they came here to this life.

Perhaps you are like many others — you’ve forgotten that you have a greater purpose for your life than just solving everyone’s problems.

Maybe Nothing is Wrong — Just Something is Missing

Whether you’re longing for a deeper spiritual connection, feel adrift in life, or overwhelmed by life, rest assured there’s nothing wrong. There may, however, be something missing , the presence of which could make all the difference in the world: Clarity of Purpose

Clarity of Purpose has 3 Components

  • Being crystal clear of your true, divinely inspired life purpose. Knowing your true purpose gives you a solid foundation from which to operate, so that no matter what life throws at you, you are on solid ground, able to weather any storm.
  • Uncovering and being responsible for the lie that you’ve been telling yourself about yourself and about life that has served to shape so much of your life, keeping you stuck in fear and lack. We call this the Inherited Purpose, and uncovering it so you can clearly recognize it when it tries to run your life is a tremendous step towards the freedom people experience when they’re living true to their true life purpose.
  • Learning and using simple & effective tools that will allow you to design your life to be a true and authentic reflection of your purpose.

How to Gain Clarity of Purpose

Like the “Yellow Brick Road” of The Wizard of Oz eventually led Dorothy back home — home in the sense of where she belonged & also to who she truly was — the Purposeful Path can lead you to Clarity of Purpose.

The Life On Purpose Process serves as your road map along the Purposeful Path and your Life On Purpose Coach is your guide.

While there are many different benefits that people receive from the Life On Purpose Process, the 4 our clients have most consistently reported are:

  • Focus: When you know your purpose in life it acts as the rudder of a ship, keeping you on course through your life.
    “I learned to let go of what others think and to create the life I want that will make me happy. I learned that it is OK to do work that allows my heart and soul to shine. I learned it is OK to be sappy and loving and joyful.”
    Lynise Harris
  • Fulfillment: Knowing your purpose allows you to begin living true to it; a process which is both satisfying and fulfilling.
    “I feel like clarifying my life purpose tied all the loose ends together. With the actual creation of my life purpose I finally gave myself permission to fully step into and live the life I saw possible for myself. It has been a gift to watch my life unfold in front of me and witness so much grace and fulfillment.”
    Helaine Iris
  • Fun: Living on purpose is simply more fun than drifting through life without purpose.
    “I am much more conscious and aware as a result of the Life On Purpose Process. Everything in my life is much more vivid and alive and each day that I live with passion and purpose, I evolve. I laugh more.” Nancy O’brien
  • Freedom: With more focus, fulfillment and fun comes a greater sense of freedom and flowing with what’s happening in the world.
    “I love the freedom and joy as my life shifts to love and creativity in small things — the otherwise mundane frustrations — that is where the power to transform the experience of life really lies for me. When every engagement becomes an adventure in LOVE.”
    Maryanna Bock

Here’s What Others are Saying about the Life On Purpose Process

How to Bring Clarity of Purpose to Your Life Starting NOW!

For the past 15-plus years we’ve helped thousands of people to move beyond their troubles, challenges, and yes, even a crisis of meaning and to recapture the joy and satisfaction that life really has to offer. One of the most effective and economical ways to bring clarity of purpose to your life is through:

Living the Fulfilled Life Teleseminar

In 8 weekly, 60-75 minute classes that will be conducted by phone you will be guided through the Life On Purpose Process —  a proven, systematic, spiritually based and practical approach that has served as a road map guiding people to their true, Divinely Inspired Life Purpose. During the 8 weeks,  you will:

  • Clarify your true, Divinely Inspired Life Purpose — who you truly are as a spiritual being and what you came to this life to be and to experience,
  • Uncover your Inherited Purpose — the lie you’ve been telling yourself about yourself and about life so long that you’ve come to believe it to be true.  (Good news!  It’s not the truth at all.)
  • Learn the major Tools for Living On Purpose that you will use to begin the joyful challenge of designing your life to be a true and authentic reflection of your life purpose.
  • Have full access to the Virtual Video Coach Online Program that you’ll use not only during the Living the Fulfilled Life Teleworkshop, but will also use after the program to support you in redesigning a life that is consistent with your core values and who you truly are.

Here are the Facts You Need to Know

Dates and Time:  Starts on Monday, Oct. 3 6:30 pm eastern time.  Other Class Dates: Oct. 10, 17, 24, 31, Nov. 7, 14, 21. (For those in the USA, you’ll be finished before Thanksgiving and this year you really will have something to give thanks for — a new lease on life — a life on purpose.)

Duration of Class: 60 – 75 minutes

Classes are held in the Life On Purpose Virtual Classroom through our telephone bridge line. You will receive the phone number and PIN upon registering.

The last day to register is Friday, Sept. 30th. You can register below.

More About Living the Fulfilled Life Teleworkshop

Meet Ann Swift – Your Coach & Facilitator for these Programs: Ann is the co-founder of Life On Purpose Institute, has been a professional life coach for over twenty years and has lead dozens of Life On Purpose programs as well as maintaining a private coaching practice with individual clients that she adores. Want to Know More about Ann?

Living the Fulfilled Life starts when you register – IF you know that you’re ready for the joy that comes with knowing your life purpose, I recommend you register earlier than later. Why?

Well, for sure it makes our lives here at Life On Purpose easier by giving us the opportunity in the days before the program starts to prepare for the program.

But more to the point, there’s some important work you will want to complete to prepare for your journey, and we want you to have plenty of time to complete it. It’s not a lot of homework, but we want you to have time to ‘ponder’ upon it prior to the first class.

Our No Committed Soul Left Out Policy – We realize that these are challenging times for many people, and we want to do our part to make the way just a bit easier for some folks which is why we created the “No Committed Soul Left Out Policy.”  This policy applies to both of these programs. Click Here to learn more.

Remember, your receive this valuable bonus when you register: The Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach that sells for $189

Living the Fulfilled Life
living the fulfilled life
8 Weeks of Deep-Dive Group Coaching Sessions
with Ann Swift as your Guide and Coach.
Virtual Video Coach
Virtual Video Coach: 15 Online Video Coaching
with Brad Swift as your Guide and Coach.
And 2 Additional Bonuses
Spiral of Fulfillment Bonus #1: The Spiral of Fulfillment e-Book and Teleclass:
This book is Dr. Brad Swift’s latest major publication that can be considered a sequel or prequel to the book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life. You’ll not only receive an e-book edition of the book but also an invitation to a special 60-minute teleclass during which you’ll explore in depth the important part that the Spiral of Fulfillment plays in living a life on purpose. (We’ll let you be the judge of this bonus.)
Nick Pfennigwerth Bonus #2: Creating Purposeful Partnerships:
This AWESOME bonus is a special 90 minute teleclass given by purposeful partner Nick Pfennigwerth from Creative Wealth Building. At the end of Living the Fulfilled Life, you will have one extra teleseminar where you will learn six principles for creating effective, loving, and prosperous intimate relationships and purposeful partnerships.

The formula Nick is going to teach you are the exact strategies and principles he used to attract his dream mate, personal growth partnerships such as the Life On Purpose Institute, Christopher Westra, Sheri Zampelli, Thea Westra, Chris Cade, Christian Pankhurst, and many more, and how he attracted millionaire real estate developers when he was in that profession. Nick did this from scratch without family connections or money. He was just an “average Joe” who knows how to create authentic, loving, and prosperous relationships. (We’ll let you be the judge of this bonus.)

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The 87% Conditional Guarantee (87%?)
I fully stand behind these programs 100% because I’ve seen how much people have received in the previous 25+ times we’ve offered them. So, if you are unsatisfied with the value of this class, I will happily refund the money you paid for it. However, there are some conditions:

The 87% stands for seven-eighth. For Living the Fulfilled Life, there are eight classes in total. To qualify for the guarantee you need to only attend seven out of eight classes (and listen to audio for the class you miss), and complete all the assignments. For the Living & Working On Purpose TeleRetreat you can miss one of the 5 sessions and still qualify for the guarantee. (Okay, it’s not quite 87% but it’s close.)

If you do that much, and implement the Life On Purpose Process in your life, I am confident that you will be happy and satisfied with what you’ve learned. If you aren’t satisfied, I’m happy to issue you a refund.

Simple? Yes. Give me 87%, and you are 100% guaranteed.