6,783,907,459 in the World – How Many Know Their Purpose in Life?

6,783,907,459– That's a large number and it represents the estimate of the world's population as of yesterday – June 2nd 2009.

Here's my purposeful pondering question:

Of those almost 7 billion people, what percentage would you say really know with crystal clarity their life purpose AND are living a life that is a true and authentic reflection of that purpose?

In asking that question of many other people most agree that the percentage is quite low — .5%, 1%, 5% are common answers.

Now, imagine if we could nudge that number up just a bit each year.  What difference would it have if we could move it up even 1-2 percentage points each year?

That's what my Divine Mission as the Chief Visionary Officer of Life On Purpose Institute is all about, since the "LOPI Vision" is: Creating a World On Purpose.

A significant way we're doing this is through the SEASONED COACHES DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM where we train experienced coaches, ministers, therapists, career and school counselors and other helping professionals to guide their clients through the Life On Purpose Process.

What is the Life On Purpose Process?  So glad you asked.   It's the proven, systematic, spiritually-based and practical process that has already assisted thousands of people to clarify their life purpose and then to design their life to be a true and authentic reflection of that purpose.

And one of the ways we're connecting with these helping professionals is with the help of our Purpose Partner Affiliates.  Yes, Life On Purpose Institute has an affiliate program where you can make a difference while making money as well. Pretty neat if I do say so.

So besides enjoying the warm, cozy feeling of knowing you're helping to create a World On Purpose, Life On Purpose Institute rewards our Purpose Partners for helping us make this connection with an affiliate check for $250.

You see 6,783,907,459 is a lot of people and I and my relatively small team of trained Life On Purpose Coaches could sure use some help — your help.  So, take a look at the web page about the SEASONED COACHES DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.

As you look it over think about who you know that would be a good fit for this program.  Remember, they're likely to already be an experienced:

*  Coach,
*  Minister,
*  Therapist,
*  Career Counselor,
*  School Counselor, or
*  Other Helping Professional

And if you'd like to be one of our Purpose Partner Affiliates, go here to register.  I'd do it quickly because we'll be sharing more specifics on this upcoming program with our partners soon.  And if you realize the SEASONED COACHES DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM may be for you, I look forward to hearing from you.