A Fuel Efficient Mercedes 380 SE? It’s all Relative

If you've been following my life on purpose escapades over the last several months you may recall that I have a classic Mercedes 380 SE.  It's the one that I was planning on installing the Water4Gas device to see if it would improve the 17-18 MPG's it gets.

(Who knows, that may still happen but acquiring a great deal on a late model Prius put that particular project on the backburner for now.)

I've had the Mercedes up for sale though I've not put a lot of energy into it, and I guess that's a good thing.  Let me explain. 

We have a young man who's been renting one of our Purposeful Properties from us for the last few years so he'd have a nice place to raise his daughter as a single dad.  He works in construction and we all know what's been happening in that business, so his work has been hit-or-miss over the last several months resulting in his getting behind in his rent.  On top of that his car broke down and he's been forced to drive an old jeep that gets only about 5 miles to a gallon, due to its own mechanical deficiencies.

Which is where the Mercedes comes in and my own life lesson.  When this young man learned that the Mercedes gets 17-18 miles per gallon he remarked that he wished his car got that kind of mileage.  It sure would help his gas bill, which, as you can imagine, was eating him alive.  Suddenly, I realized that this was just one other example of how relative the world is in which we live.

While I'm thinking 17 mpgs is atrocious my friend was envious of it. So, since Ann and I believe in this guy and what he's doing raising his daughter on his own, we decided to loan him the car until he gets his other vehicle fix.  I figure the 'relativity lesson' I learned was worth not having a second car for a few weeks, and besides, the loan is a true expression of my life purpose.

Where could you apply the 'relativity lesson' to your own life?  Care to share about it here?