A Hike to Sandburg’s Home

Hello everybody. I am testing out my dial2do and hello text options to allow me while I'm out of the office to do post a blog posting as Amber and I are walking along Carl Sandburg's trails not far from our home. Pictures to follow here shortly if I can figure out how to get them out of my cellphone. I just wanted to check in. You know sometimes when you're living and working purpose is also includes some fun and play. –

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Isn't technology amazing?  While Amber and I were walking together with our two dogs (see pic), I was able to record the above message from my cell phone by calling Dial2Do, and instructing it to leave a Typepad entry.  I also posted a status update to Twitter and Facebook in the same way — through Dial2Do which then connected with Hello Text and on to the social networks.

Awesome.Well, at least I find it so. But as awesome as the technology is, it doesn't hold a candle to spending time with my beautiful daughter and two of our four-legged family members.  Again, technology allowed me to capture the moment with my cell phone camera and then send it on to the web site so I could share it with you.

It's a gorgeous day here in the NC mountains, sunny with the temps in the low 50s.  Carl Sandberg's was crowded, almost as many people at there are in the Spring.  I guess everyone wants to take advantage of the warmer, sunny weather, especially since it's been overcast and rainy the last several days.

I think one of the nicest things about today's walk is that Amber initiated it by inviting me on a hike. It feels good to know that we have a relationship where she still likes to 'hang out' with her dad.  And I know that's not the case with all parents and their teenagers, which is one of the reasons that one of Life On Purpose Institute's Purpose Projects for 2009 will be Family & Teens On Purpose.  More about that later.

For now, it's just good to be alive, happy and content. Oh, and I've figured out how to get the other pics out of my cell phone so here are a few more:

12-29-08_1245 12-29-08_1236