A Lesson from my Cat – R.B.

R. B. came into our home as a stray we rescued from the Millhouse Lodge a couple doors down from our home and offices. He was pretty wild when we first brought him into the house, thus the name R. B. for “Rocket Bullet.”

A couple weeks ago we began to notice a little weight loss but figured it was probably from a change in food and perhaps he was simply running of the extra pounds that he’d acquired during the winter. Except that the weight loss continued, and his activity diminished.


The first part of the week, we were sitting around the living room with R.B. in the middle on the hassock. We were discussing whether to take him to the vet or not to check for worms, when suddenly I noticed something that I’d been missing. His paws appeared pale.

I picked him up and took him into the kitchen where the lighting was better and checked his gums — pale as well. “We need to take him in tomorrow.” I’ve been out of veterinary practice close to 20 years but I still know that pale gums and white paws are sure signs of anemia.

Sure enough, we found he was severely anemic, possibly from a condition known as Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia which may be complicated by Feline Infectious Anemia. Despite medication, he continued to go down hill, so after a couple more days, as it looked like he was on his last leg, we called the vet again to learn that his options were limited:

Let him die from the disease, or euthanize him,
Take him to a referral practice
Try to jumpstart his system with a blood transfusion

When he asked about the blood transfusion, we learned that it may or may not work and would cost about $300. ouch, said the lack based thinking of my Inherited Purpose. That’s too much. It’s more than we can afford. Why do vets have to be so darn expensive. (Remember, this coming from someone who was a vet in practice for 15+ years.)

So, we thought about it a bit, and here’s the lesson that RB gave to me, and what I heard clearly from my Inner Guidance — “This is what money if for. To use it for the things you value most. To direct it towards the expression of your truest values.”

I shared this with the family and we aligned with giving him a blood transfusion, and since we could supply the donors (from our other two cats), the fee was even less than originally quoted.

RB isn’t out of the woods yet, but seems to be making steady improvement and the blood transfusion certainly appeared to give him a new lease on life. And I have a lesson I’ll always remember, and in remembering, recall affectionately my RB, whatever his destiny may be.