A Life that Matters Video #2

Remember to pay attention for the On Purpose Quiz
& Win 2 Valuable Gifts

At the end of this 3-part video series you can win 2 valuable gifts by answering 3 simple questions. The answers can be found by watching the videos. (Hint: Listen for the numbers.)

Now here are a few other questions to ponder from the second video:

1. If you knew your Inherited Purpose and how it throws up smokescreens in the form of problems and drama, and sabotages your life, how would that make a difference in your life?

2. How has not knowing your true life purpose cost your?

3. If you decided not to use the ‘trial and error method’ to determine your life purpose, how else might you become clear about it?

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Now don’t leave yet.  We really want to hear from you. What have you gleaned from the first two videos? What questions do you have? What insights and ‘ah ha moments’ have you experienced?

Finish Up the Series with Video 3: The Process.