A Practice On Purpose – 25 Years in the Making

Imagine investing years in being educated for your chosen profession, one that you feel called to out of a real commitment to serve.  You might even feel it’s more than just a career, it’s a spirit-led calling.  Then you find yourself in a dysfunctional system that is focused more on the economics of the profession than on helping the people who come to you.  That’s the situation one of the guests of the Living & Working On Purpose radio show found himself in over twenty-five years ago.  Pic_bio_david_player

As a highly trained kidney specialist in Texas, Dr. David Player had patients who received a million dollars worth of healthcare even though some of them would make less than $10,000 of income in their lifetime.  Dr. Player knew something was wrong with a healthcare system where the economics was centered around waiting until people were severely sick, then trying to fix them, rather than educating them on how to be well.  Dr. Player struggled for a quarter of a century to find a better way.

He shares this better way that is at the heart of his enterprise, Health by Design with co-hosts Brad Swift and Ricardo Flores on the Living & Working On Purpose radio show that airs, Wednesday, March 18th, at 5 pm eastern time.  Don’t miss it on March 18, 2008 on Exceptional Wisdom Radio.