Academy Awards — A Night of Acknowledgments

OK, my whole family loves movies. We love going to the Flat Rock Cinema just up the street — a cinebar type movie house that serves my favorite beer along with reasonably priced food.  We love watching them through DVDs we loan from the library or through Netflix or occasionally from Red Box.

And so, the night of the Academy Awards is kind of special to us as well.  In years past Amber has decorated the house and even set up a our own red carpet.  This year was a bit more low-keyed but still a lot of fun, and in my estimation one of the best Academy Awards ever.Images

I particularly loved how the actors who had previously won awards acknowledged the nominees so thoroughly and authentically, like welcoming them into a very exclusive brotherhood and sisterhood.

One small matter also stood out to me. It was the gentleman who won an Oscar for a short film.  He said something like, "The last four years of my life has been consumed by this 14 minute movie."  Imagine devoting 4 years for a result that lasts 14 minutes. Pretty amazing.

And I became an even bigger fan of Hugh Jackman as I learned that he's not only a talented actor, but also quite a singer and dancer.  His stand on stage at the end of the opening number with his arms outstretched singing, "I am Wolverine,"  was both hilarious and inspiring.

So here's to Oscar night and all the people who contributed to making it happen, and to the many actors, directors and tech people that give us incredible opportunities to be entertained and often show us our own humanity in the mirror.