Acceptance and Belonging – PTP Retreat Day 3

I was so thankful to one of the participants today because as she went through the process of embracing her own deep need around being accepted and belonging and how worn out she had become trying to get this need met from her business and from other people, rather than from the Divine, I saw myself in her struggle.

It seems to be such a universal longing. Perhaps we can see it more easily at certain stages of life, like the teenage years which I am witnessing with Amber, my 16-year old daughter. During this stage there is such a strong yearning to fit in somewhere, often some social group, even if that social group is considered by other groups to be outcasts, i. e. nerds, etc.


But this longing for belonging doesn’t go away as we move into adulthood. It is also what I want, not only for myself but for others. I love it when someone finds themselves at the Life On Purpose web site or in one of our programs and at some points shares, “I feel like I’m home.” Why do I want that for others? Because home is safe, and warm and where you can be known and appreciated, seen, and witnessed for who you truly are.

In truth, one of the revelations that has come from this retreat is that when people have clarified their life purpose they can experience this sense of belonging and being known no matter where they are, or who they are with. Oh sure, it takes practice, and remembering to tap into the Divine, and one great doorway to that is through knowing and remembering your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose.

And that’s what I want for the world.