Add Some Spiritual Spice to Your Day — TODAY! (with update)

Installment #1 – Written Sat. March 21

Isn't there a song that goes something like this: "Do you believe in miracles?" Actually I think it's "Do you believe in magic?" and it was by the Loving Spoonful.  No matter.  I'm asking the first question here:

Do you believe in miracles?  Do you believe they still happen today, or in your mind have they been relegated to the distant past when people walked in sandals, and at least one enlightened being turned water into wine?

Well, if you'd like to add a bit of 'spiritual spice' to your life, why not embrace that miracles could and do happen on a regular basis, not just to other people but to you … and for that matter to me as well.

So, why not try this out.  It's an idea that I picked up from one of my favorite authors, Gregg Braden, in his book The Spontaneous Healing of Belief:

As you start out into the world today, set the intention to detect and claim a miracle — at least one.  Don't get hung up with what it might look like, just be open that of the many miracles that will cross your path on this day, you'll recognize at least one of them.  Then go out into life with an increased alertness and awareness of your world.

By the way, the definition that Braden uses for a miracle is "an event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature."

Will you experience a miracle today?  If you do, how about returning here and sharing what it is.  And I'll do the same. 

Have a blessed and on purpose day.


Installment #2 – Written Monday. March 23

What kind of life coach would I be if I didn't try out my own coaching…at least some of the time? <G>  After writing the above post, I set my intention on Saturday when I went out to run some errands to be awake enough to detect and claim a miracle.

I had two basic errands to run — go to the local Feed Store (which if for me the "Seed Store" 'cause they have a great selection of vegetable seeds a really good prices.)  And then from there to go to the library to pick up Orson Scott Card's latest book that I had on reserve. 

I go to the seed/feed store about once a year and it's in a funky part of town that I don't frequent so I always have to find it again, so I'm driving around in this unfamilar part of town NOT finding it.  I drove around several blocks beginning to wonder if they'd moved and had the building torn down.  As I did so, I noticed several places of business I'd never seen before, most of them just were noted and promptly forgotten.

One stood out however — Mountain Biz Works, in part because I found their tag line on their sign curious:  Training, Financing, Opportunity.  Humm, I wondered what that's about.  And then I found the seed/feed store.  Unfortunately they were closed so I head on to the library.

I decided to also browse around a bit to see if I could find a couple other good books that could compete for my attention along with Card's book.  As I did so, I saw a fellow I'd met a few times in one of the study rooms.  He seemed to be pretty engrossed in his work, so I decided not to bother him.  However, as I continued to browse in that section of the library — my favorite section because it houses both science fiction and fantasy, he saw me and came out. 

We chatted for a bit about our books — our main connection because he knows mine just came out in 2007 and he's trying to finish up his book, so he often likes to 'tap my brain' for ideas on getting his book published.  He mentioned that he was about to finish he book and had received funding to have the first 500 copies published by…. here comes the miracle…. Mountain Biz Works.

Bing, bing, bing.  The miracle alert went off in my head.  Now, I don't yet know why I was supposed to have MBW come into my awareness twice in less than an hour, but it feels like a 'breadcrumb' worth following.  So, I'll be checking them out this week to see if perhaps they are the folks that will be funding my next Purpose Project. (Yes, one of my primary Purpose Projects for 2009 will almost certainly require some funding, which is why MBW's tag line caught my attention.)

Interesting stuff.  More to come.

P.S. My friend also gave me the business card for another organization called On Track. Ann's looking into their assistance with financial matters. Who knows. Maybe it's a double miracle in process.