An Experiment in Living On Purpose

The Life On Purpose Process and the ability to know your life purpose and live true to it that the Process makes available is perfectly aligned with the Law of Attraction and Purposeful Creating.

If you don’t believe it, you might want to try this simple experiment. Below I’ve listed the top ten benefits to knowing your life purpose and living true to it. This list came from my own experience of living on purpose and from what many other people have shared that used the Life On Purpose Process to bring clarity of purpose to their life.

Top Ten Benefits to Knowing & Living Your Purpose
1. Focus
2. Passion
3. Unstoppable
4. Fulfillment
5. Value-based Living
6. Fun
7. Integrity
8. Trust/Faith
9. Grace
10. Flow

Read over the list and pick one of the benefits you’d most like to have in your life. Let’s say you pick “fun,” as an example. Now, take just a couple of minutes and write down what your life looks and feels like with more fun in it. Step into a future where you’re living a fun-filled life and then describe in a paragraph or two what that future is like. Write the description in the present tense as though you’re already living it. Be specific and focus on what’s present rather than what’s not present.

Now, set an intention to attract more fun to your life. Take the description with you and read it during the day for the next week as a way to remind you and to help create the experience of a fun-filled life.

Try it out. Explore and experiment with this. Remember, pick the benefit that calls most strongly to you. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to have more of “X” in my life NOW?” If the answer is “Yes,” you’ve set the conditions to bring more of “X” into your life. And that, pure and simply is how the Life On Purpose Process works.

Of course, it’s even more powerful when you first uncover what shapes your life when you’re coming from fear, lack and struggle. Your Inherited Purpose can do quite a good job of suppressing your ability to live on purpose, but I believe for the point of this experiment, simply noticing whenever you feel threatened, unsure, or unsafe, and then releasing those feelings, will be sufficient to experience more of what you want in your life.

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