An On Purpose Virtual Book Club – Is it Time?

Ann and I love to read, especially in the morning as part of our purposeful preparation for the day. Over the years, we’ve read some really good, as in life transforming, books.  One of those that I’ve read twice before and I’m now reading with Ann is Jacob Needleman’s Money and the Meaning of Life.

This past week as I read a particularly thought provoking chapter to Ann, she shared with me an idea that I’ve had a few times before but discarded as ‘not being the right time to try it out.’  But over the years I’ve learned (slowly) that when Ann and I have the same idea and become aligned with it, I need to pay attention.

So, the idea is to start an online/virtual On Purpose Book Club starting with Money and the Meaning of Life.  Basically, this is how it would work:

  • Life On Purpose Institute would set up a yahoogroup (or similar online group) that anyone who wanted to be a part of the book discussion group could join.
  • We’d each agree to read a section of the book in a given time period then ‘discuss’ it via the online group.
  • Then, we’d proceed to the next section, and the next.

I know I’ve gotten more out of Needleman’s book by having Ann to discuss it with and I imagine that would be even more true with a book discussion group.

Interested?  At this point, I’m just looking for a show of hands to see if there is enough interest to proceed. They’d be no charge to be a part of the group, other than the purchase price of the book, which I imagine you can find online at some good used book prices.

If this gets off the ground, and it’s as successful as I think it could be, we’ll probably look at doing a second book later on.

Let me know your thoughts, especially if you’re interested in being a part of the first group as well as any suggestions you may have.