And the Next American Idol is….

Well, I really don’t know but unlike Paula I’m going out on a limb and making my ‘purposeful prediction’ that Jordin Sparks will be crowned the next American Idol. Not only did she ‘sweep the floor with Blake Lewis’ on that last song, an accurate though crass description of Simon’s, but in my estimation she is clearly expressing her true purpose and calling. The truth is, both Blake and Jordin have made it to the top slots by staying true to themselves, at least as much as possible given the design of the show.

While I’ve enjoyed some of the themes of the past week’s, it hasn’t been easy for some of the contestants who have had to sing outside their genre. And the last song of the night was a clear case it point. It was right in the beam for Jordin and way outside the beam for Blake.

So, in just a matter of hours we’ll all get to see if my prediction is true, and whether this season’s American Idol really was a singing competition or a performer’s competition. In either case, both finalist are winners who are living on purpose, and that’s way cool.