Announcing “A Life that Matters” Video Series

In the two-decades-plus of coaching people, Ann and I have found that a fundamental quality of people is a desire to make a difference, to have their life matter, and sometimes, often times we can get caught up and knocked off track by the circumstances of our lives. Our problems, challenges and issues can take over our lives, and before we know it, we’ve forgotten what we’ve come here to be and do.

Announcing A Life that Matters Video Series

We invite you to explore another possibility for life, aptly names the Life On Purpose Perspective. We had great fun producing this three-part short series in our video production studio (also known as our dining room). In the first video of the series we identify two of the primary obstacles that get in the way of people living a passion-filled life of deep purpose and meaning.

So, please join us for a short jaunt along the Purposeful Path as we explore what it takes to design “A Life that Matters.”

And please help us in our vision to be a catalyst for creating a world on purpose by sharing this series with your friends, family and colleagues, especially anyone who is feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed by life right now.

Last of all, as you travel this path with us, please let us know what you think.  Share your thoughts, insights and yes, questions on the blog. We promise to respond and to do so with care and compassion.