Ann’s Angelic Musings

Well, this is my first blog ever and for someone who has had teachers in school and college tell she is not a writer this is a major step. I am writing about a new adventure I am taking. It is my exploration around angels. On our radio show, Living and Working on Purpose which is a part of Exceptional wisdom radio, I interviewed a woman, Karen Forrest, who is an Angel Therapy Practioner. Karen has written a book called Angels of the MaritimesIt is a wonderful little book about angel stories experienced by people of the maritimes states around Nova Scotia. I really enjoyed the book. You can find more about Karen and her book at her website.

First, understand I have had an affinity for angels for years. I have been in shops when a small figurine of an angel would call to me to purchase it (I have the figurine in my house now) and I am one of those people who is not really big on figurines. So to purchase it was out of the ordinary.

So during our interview that day with Karen, I felt a real stirring in myself to find out more about angels and what it means to be an Angel Therapy Practitioner. I have done just a small bit of research and found Doreen Virture's website. I checked my local library to find out if they had any of her books and they don't. I did read a book by James Van Pragh by the name of Talking to Heaven. I have also been asking around my community to see if anyone knows anything about angels or people studying angels, etc.  While working on my computer two weeks ago, I clearly heard the message. Call Marilyn. Marilyn is a friend of mine. We went to college together lost contact and then when we moved to Flat Rock I met her again. We have not been in touch for a couple of years now. So when the message came to call Marilyn it wasn't a common event. I called Marilyn at 9:18pm on an evening. I even thought I hope this is not too late. We talked for about an hour.

She told me of a group that is meeting 2 times a month lead by Steve Forbes (no relation to the economist, Steve Forbes and Forbes magazine) and they are studying angels. She went on to give me Steve's phone number. Since that phone call to Marilyn, I have purchased a Doreen Virtue book on Archangels and Ascended Masters, attended my first Angel study group and talked with others who are interested in angels.

According to Karen and Steve, angels want to help us. They are wanting to be of service to us. We can call on them at anytime about anything. So I have been doing some of this. Here are some of the amazing things that have been happening:

1. We gave away our van that needed a new transmission to a family that needed a vehicle. The van had been sitting for months in our yard without starting. Brad had been out trying to start the van and it wouldn't start. So I said a little prayer asking Archangel Michael to please help it start the next day. Guess what?!!!! It started right up. I am so grateful to Archangel Michael.

2. I went to a church auction that was benefitting the youth group. When we got there everything was being sold for hundreds of dollars. This just didn't fit in my budget at this time. Toward the end of the auction an entertainment center came up for sale. The bidding started at $20. The next bid was for $25 so my daughter said "Mom, let's bid on it. We could use an entertainment center instead of that book case we use." So I raised my bidding padle. The next thing I know they said "Sold for $25." The angels were at work again.

3. This week I was looking for a lost check. After a phone call letting us know that it had been mailed and we should have it. I laid down and meditated. I asked the angels where could the check be. They told me to go upstairs to my office and check a certain drawer. I did and there it was.

While it may seem coinscidental to you, I don't be believe in coinscidences. I believe everthing happens for a reason and that there is much more than what meets the eye. We only have to believe. If you don't believe then think about things that mean the most in life. Love. You can't touch it, feel it, smell it or see it but it is very real. In fact, without love we perish. We loose the spark that life was meant to be.

This is the end of my first blogging. Thanks for anyone who may read it. I hope you enjoy it. Ann