Are We Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater?

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Now, how does the old adage, 'don't throw the baby out with the bathwater have to do with abundance and the Law of Attraction. We'll let's see.

LIVING ON PURPOSE:  Are We Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater?
Recently the Law of Attraction has come under fire by some people that I know and respect, and so I thought I'd weigh in with my own perspective.

It feels to be like if we're not careful, we may end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater — the baby being the Law of Attraction and the bathwater being how certain parties have chosen to interpret and/or use it.

In it's most basic form, the LOA simply states, "Like attracts like," as in like thoughts attract other thoughts of a similar kind. In my experience, that seems to be a simple truth.  When I awake in the morning, if I start having thoughts of lack, they tend to bring in more thoughts of a similar nature, and if I have thought of abundance, they 'attract' thoughts of a like kind.

As these thoughts start to build a 'mental snowball running downhill' they can certainly begin to affect my actions and thus also my results of that day. Tie enough of those days together and you have a 'life off purpose.'

So, what's so hard to see about this?

Well, I've heard from others that their thoughts don't always, often and for some people never lead to the manifestation of what the person wants to manifest.

I propose that there's a missing element here…perhaps it also was thrown out with the bathwater.  There's a second spiritual law sometimes referred to as the Law of Deliberate Creation.  It's where our emotions can be used to magnify the attractive qualities of our thoughts.

So, if I have a thought, "I wonder if I can pay my bills this month," that thought by itself has only a very small 'manifesting power,' but add to that the powerful emotion of fear (or anger or frustration, etc), and suddenly the floodgates of lack-based thoughts are open.

The good news is that the same is true on the other side of the equation.  If I add to a thought of, let's say, "I am truly in the flow of the abundance of the Universe," and I add a powerful emotion like gratitude, love, and/or expansiveness, then that thought will attract many more positive thoughts of a similar kind.

Now, for me, there's another reason to be sure to to include this second law — the Law of Deliberate Creation.  When we add into the equation these positive and purposeful emotions, we're more likely to inspire ourselves into actions that are consistent with what we're interested in bringing into our earthly experience — both in our experience of life and in what we ultimately have such as physical results that represent for us the experience of abundance.

But there is one part we may want to toss that can 'gum up' this whole manifesting process.

The "Dirty" Bathwater we May Want to Toss
This process that I've just outlined seems to me to be a very simple and rational way to explain the creative process that we all have available to us, as spiritual beings living in this physical reality.  I think the part that maybe deserves to be thrown out — the bathwater as it were, is how these powerful laws have been put to use by certain parties.

Here is where I see a basic error in judgment and that is this:

***     What part of ourselves is allowed to be in control
        of these powerful tools of creation?   ***

In my former career as a veterinarian, one of the tools I often used as a healer was a scalpel.  As a veterinary surgeon I helped many pets on the road to healing. However, in the wrong hand, (including my own) this tool of healing could become a tool that inflicts much pain, even death.

I'm suggesting that the same is true with these powerful spiritual laws.  In the hands of the ego (i.e. Inherited Purpose), they can wreck havoc as well as being far less effective in fulfilling on their design function.  But in the hand of the Divine Nature of ourselves, they can bring into existence marvelous creations. (like for example Life On Purpose Institute, Inc. <G>)

Here's my theory as to why this is true.  Our ego self is based in a sense of fear, lack and struggle.  Its focus is on safety and on its own survival.  It's the me, me, me, mentality, so what it wants is often NOT in the best interest of ALL concerned.  So we end up with a lot of struggle, which may manifest as force, competition or working against the overall design of the Cosmos.

But when we allow our Divine Nature to use these tools, we're now more in the flow of of the Universal Design of the Universe, and what we manifest isn't only good for us, but is good for others as well.

At this point, the LOA and Deliberate Creation gets a real boost because we're in the flow of the Universe — the flow of the Collective Consciousness rather than running against the currents. Said another way, we're tapping into the true source of abundance and creation — the Divine Source of it all.

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