Are You Shackled by Your Past?

Breaking the Bonds of Your Past and Freeing Yourself to Live Your True Life
As we explored last week, once we’ve discovered that we’ve been living a lie — a case of mistaken identity that’s come from the fear and lack-based thinking of our early past, we can begin to ask ourselves, “If that’s not who I am, then who am I really?” And that begins the next leg of this journey, which we’ll explore today.

Remember, from the Life On Purpose Perspective, your life purpose isn’t just about what you’re here to do, but it’s really more about who you are as a spiritual being and what you came here to this life to be and to experience.


So, you have two powerful forces (or purposes) that can shape your life — the lie of the Inherited Purpose based in fear and lack which results in so much unnecessary struggle, and the truth of who you are — your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose.

The clearer and more completely you can uncover your Inherited Purpose, and recognize it for the lie it is, the easier it is to then clarify your true purpose that is based not if fear, lack and struggle but in Universal Love, abundance and a willingness to flow with life.

The Next Leg of the Journey — Clarifying Your True Purpose
Let’s look at the recipe for mixing up a batch of powerful and passionate life purpose — a life purpose that has the power to shape each and every day of your life, that could last an entire lifetime (or more), and at the same time will be flexible and give you plenty of room to play full out, expressing your true self out into the world.

Ingredient #1 – Vision — What do you see possible for yourself, for your loved ones, your community and for the world? Again, not so much the doing part of life, but the being. Do you feel called to a vision of peace, love, integrity? Remember back to your early childhood days before you became caught up by the fear of your Inherited Purpose? Reclaim that childlike innocence for yourself.

Ingredient #2 — Your Core Values — What matters most to you? What intangibles do you care so much about that you’d give your life for? I don’t ‘necessarily’ mean that you’d stand in front of a firing squad for these core values (although many have), but that you’re ready to devote your life energy to having more of these values be in the world.

Mix these two ingredients in your purposeful mixing bowl, then add in:

Ingredient #3 — Who you are — your beingness. Who are you as a spiritual being? What qualities do you know you can count on from yourself and that others can count on from you? Add those to the mixture and stir well.

Ingredient #4 — the glue or bonding agent that brings it all together and gives it the power to shape your life — Universal Love. For many this also equates to their relationship with God, or a Higher Power, or their Spiritual Nature.

These 4 ingredients, three of which are unique to each person, will result in a powerful, long-lasting yet flexible life purpose that can shape each day of your life, and give you a powerful place to stand whenever the fear, lack and struggle of the Inherited Purpose tries to take over.

As you explore each of these for yourself, don’t get overly concerned whether something is part of your vision, or a core value, or a component of the essence of your true self. Think of it like you’re baking a cake. Once the ingredients are all mixed together and cooked, you can’t tell what part is the flower and what part is the sugar. It’s just all delicious cake.

Now get to baking your own life purpose.

NOTE: The process of clarifying your life purpose can be found in Passage #4 of the book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, starting on page 123. You can order a copy of the book and receive a PDF version of the workbook at no additional charge HERE. Or order the comprehensive Life On Purpose Home Study Course.
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