Are You Working More & More But Enjoying Life Less & Less?

To be up front with you, I want you to hire me IF you are working more and more but enjoying life less and less.

Why? Because there is a way out of the frenetic and unrewarding busyness that leads to overwhelm, burnout and the accompanying feeling of hopelessness.

Do you find yourself caught in a vicious cycle of doing, doing, doing and wondering, “what’s the point?” Well, you’re not alone. Consider this:

“Americans get the shortest vacations in the industrial world — when they get them at all. A recent Harris poll found that only 14 percent of Americans were taking the traditional two-week summer vacation in 2007. Another survey completed by Gallup on behalf of The Conference Board, a corporate think tank, found that 40 percent of Americans didn’t take even a single week off as a block in 2006.”  From No-Vacation Nation by John de Graaf in Experience Life Magazine

The Japanese, another culture of workaholics, have a name for what this lack of taking time off can lead to — Karoshi – death by overworking.  And it’s costing us dearly, not just in productivity but more importantly the quality of our lives. The question to ask and answer is:

What’s Been Shaping Your Life?

Look to see what has been shaping your life and leading to being trapped in such a vicious circle? Look to see if any of these forces are shaping your life:

*  Fear (often disguised at what others expect of you and your own ‘shoulds’)
*  A sense of lack or ‘not enoughness’ (not enough time, money or “I’m not smart enough, good enough, etc.)
*  A need to struggle to survive. (After all, life is hard, or some other ‘misbelief’ masquerading as the truth.)

Is so, then your life is being shaped by what I call the Inherited Purpose, and the result of having your life shaped by it is that you don’t get to live your true purpose. Even if you happen to get lucky enough to determine what that purpose is (which is tough when the Inherited Purpose is running the show), the Inherited Purpose will sabotage your efforts to live consistent with your true purpose.

But there is a highly effective way out of the trap — a way that thousands of people have already taken with consistently great results.

Are You Ready to Break the Downward Spiral of Fear, Lack & Struggle?

Good News, at least for 3 people — I have an opening in my coaching practice. During the night I it came to me that the opening I now have in my coaching practice could allow me to serve one other person if I filled it in the customary way OR it would give me room to serve 3 people if I offered the Start On the Purposeful Path Plan which leverages the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach, combined with some focused 1-1 coaching sessions.  Here’s what is included:

  • 4,  30-40 minute coaching sessions that can be used over a 4 month period of time, plus
  • The Life On Purpose Process Virtual Virtual Video Coach (value – $189), which includes:

    • 16 online video coaching sessions
    • A downloadable copy of the Virtual Video Coach Workbook — your roadmap along the Purposeful Path,
    • Bonus items available on the VVC web area.

This plan works well for people who are self-motivated and ready to get out of the vicious circle of too much doing.  As you proceed through the 6 passages of the Process receiving the coaching from the Virtual Video Coach, you simply request a live, phone coaching session from me by completing a simple prep form and sending it to me. This coaching plan is normally $549 (which may be divided into 2 monthly payments of $275).

But by being one of the first three people to respond to this offer, you’ll receive it for $495 (And that may also be divided into 2 monthly payments). Important! To receive this special pricing be sure to enter this Coupon Code:  012011.  If you’re sick and tired of feeling like a hamster running around in a wheel, choose the payment option that fits best for you:

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P.S. Got a couple questions for me before you commit?  I understand. So, I’ll be in the Life On Purpose ‘cyber-office’ tomorrow morning (Friday) from 9:30 – 10:30 to meet with you.  Just call:   1-218-862-1300  then enter 594535 and we’ll be connected. (Just remember, this is a conference line so others may join the call as well.

P.S.S. Also remember that this offer is good for the first three folks on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, so if you know it’s time to get your life under control and on purpose, I wouldn’t wait until tomorrow. Start on the Purpose Path today by choosing the payment option that works best for you.