Arising from the Ashes of Professional Burnout – Part 1

I’m occasionally asked the question, “As a Life On Purpose Coach, why have you
decided to work with ‘burned out baby boomers? Well, it’s because I personally
experienced the pain of burnout.

You see, even though I had wanted to be a veterinarian since I was 7-years old, after
12 years in practice, I found myself at the point I didn’t know if I could
stand another day in the office. I was frustrated, tired and worn out by the
constant stresses of practice that included staffing headaches, client
turnover, and financial strains. On top of it all, the stresses at work were
having a profoundly negative influence on my personal life.

I felt disjointed and disconnected from those I most cared about. My life
was out of balance and nearly out of control. The pain of burnout became so
bad that I started abusing alcohol and drugs in an effort to numb myself so
I could make it through another day. I even contemplated suicide before I
finally woke up and realized the practice of veterinary medicine didn’t have
to be so hard and unrewarding. In fact, life itself didn’t need to be such a
struggle. It was at that point I finally sought help, and with that help I
turned, not only my practice around, but also my life.

Professional burn out is a growing concern in many business settings.
There’s no question that work offers many challenges that can leave the most
dedicated person as burned out as an overcooked French fry. National
statistics suggest that many people are being adversely affected by the
stresses of their jobs.

But what makes burn out such a challenging condition to turn around?
Tomorrow we’ll explore the answer to this question we well as look at some of
the alarming statistics.