Ask & Yea Shall Receive — Works with Cable Company to Reduce Bill

Today's Simplicity post is direct from our family's number one 'simplicity and saving expert,' Ann.  Here's her latest saving strategy:Simplicity.saving

Recently I have been looking for ways to cut the expense of our TV and internet. Remember when TV was free. Today our cable company charges $54.00 for the family pack which is the low end package and then our internet is another $46.00. Add taxes, copyright fee (whatever that is?) and other stuff it comes to over $106.00 per month.

Wow!? Brad and just wondered is it really worth that per month. We are in the same boat as the rest of the world in dealing with finances lately. We don’t want to be so thrifty it is a hardship at the same time we need to be mindful of our spending. Therefore, I have been looking into bundling our internet with our phone and looking at all those ads for satellite TV.
After much research I decided to call our cable company and ask a few questions about how much just internet without TV because I was going to go with a satellite TV system. Get this, it wasn’t going to be $46.00 for internet without TV; it was going to be $60.00. So I told the guy on the phone that we were going to switch both out internet service and our TV because I was looking for ways to keep out expenses down.
Guess what? He said “Well, let me look at our current promotions. We might have something that would keep your costs down.” So he did look and as to today, November 13, 2009, we have reduced out TV and internet down to $53.46 which includes tax. It will stay this rate for one year at which time they will raise the fee like they did this past summer. But get this, the cable guy just call back in when the rate goes and ask if they have any promotions. The companies assume you will like your service and just keep paying the bill even when it goes up; all this because you didn’t call back in to see if there were any new promotions available.
Good to know. Keep this tidbit in your simplicity and cost cutting file it can save you money. Why spend it if you don’t have to.
Ann – Seeking out Simplicity Solutions