Attraction On Purpose – Part 2

Let’s continue the process that I affectionately think of as a “Purposeful Pow-Wow,” that we started yesterday. And feel free to comment. Even better, share your thoughts now, and then try this out for a couple of weeks and then come back to share the results of your ‘experiment.’

Get in Touch with the Experience of Living On Purpose
As you describe what’s next in the expression of your life purpose, continue to get in touch with the essence of it. Look beyond the form and identify what’s the true purpose behind what you’re out to manifest. See if you can trace it back to the core feelings and emotions that your soul is wanting to experience more fully. Being clear what positive emotions you want to attract and how it connects with your life purpose assists greatly in the magnetizing effect.

To continue with the example we’ve been playing with, expanding Life On Purpose Institute to an international organization will allow me and my purposeful partners to deeply and profoundly touch and contribute to more people’s lives. All of this will give me an experience of the deep joy of making a difference with people, a sense of being free and great peace-of-mind.

Feel the Experience Now
Begin to look for ways to experience the feelings of being on purpose now. You don’t have to wait until the physical form of what you’re manifesting has arrived. And the more you can experience being on purpose, the more powerfully you will be attracting to you the perfect resources for bringing the physical form into reality.

So, I begin now to experience the deep joy of making a difference with people through my involvement with Life On Purpose Institute, right now with it at the level that it is at. I also enjoy the sense of freedom and great peace-of-mind right now. No need to wait.

Amp Up Your Electromagnet
As you continue in your restful state of awareness, begin to imagine a powerful energy source building in the area of your solar plexus. This may be a sphere of white light, a magnetizing core, or any other vision that fits for you. See this energy source growing and expanding beyond your body and see the magnetizing lines of energy radiating out in all directions, pulling to you the perfect ideas, thoughts, emotions, as well as the perfect people, material things, money, and whatever you may need for the full expression and fulfillment of your life purpose.

Ask for Guidance
Ask your inner guidance what inspired actions could you take to assist in the process, remembering that you are in partnership with the Grand Designer of the Universe. Later, take the appropriate actions freely and with no attachment to the outcome.

Give Thanks, Asking as If
With a heart of gratitude give thanks for what you have received, for indeed, in some future reality you have already manifested what you truly desire. So give thanks as though it is already complete.

Return to the Present
After giving thanks, begin to bring yourself back to the present. Write down whatever insights you may have seen during your Purposeful Pow-Wow, as well as any actions you’ve been directed to take. Then, go about your day living on purpose, with passion and play knowing that you are continuing to grow and evolve spiritually as you continue to journey along your Purposeful Path.