Attraction On Purpose

I’m so excited to expand the reach of the Living & Working On Purpose Blog to include those brave souls who ‘stumble’ upon the Life On Purpose book page on that I felt inspired to share the following process for how to attraction more passionate purpose into your life taken from another of the Life On Purpose Book Series that I’m currently writing entitled. The Spiral of Fulfillment: Living an Inspired Life of Service, Simplicity, and Spiritual Serenity. (You may notice the shorthand version of my life purpose statement in the subtitle.) It starts with a quote from my purposeful prayer I use to create my day.

“I rest in the assurance of knowing and trusting down to the very core of my being and soul that as I live true to my life purpose, God and the entire Universe continues to provide amply, abundantly and in perfect timing all the resources necessary for the continual expression and fulfillment of this purpose.”

One of the greatest gifts of knowing your life purpose with crystal clarity is that you can then attract all the resources necessary so that you can continue to express and fulfill on your purpose.

One of the most powerful ways of doing this is through working with the Universal Laws of Attraction and Purposeful Creation. Here is a simple, elegant and effective process of utilizing these powerful universal laws to magnetize to you all the resources you will ever need to live your life on purpose.

Deep relaxation allows you to become centered with the essence of who you are — your soul. And in doing so, you connect with your inner wisdom and with the Universal Consciousness. So, begin this process by taking a few deep breaths. As you do so, envision a small pebble being dropped into a quiet pool of crystal clear water. As the pebble slowly descends into the depths of the water, allow yourself to relax more fully. When the pebble reaches the soft, sandy bottom, proceed to the next step.

Who Are You?
In this relaxed, quiet state, begin to raise in your consciousness your life purpose. State it softly to yourself, creating and embracing each word. Imagine that it’s a delicious morsel of your favorite food, and savor it fully. Realize that who you are in who you say you are into the gentle, generous and grace-filled listening of God.

For example, this is what I might say: I am a divine spiritual being who chooses to live an inspired and inspiring life of purposeful, passionate and playful service; a life of mindful abundance balanced with simplicity; and a life of spiritual serenity.

Ask for What is Next?
Once you are fully aware and conscious of your life purpose and are awake and aware of your connection to Divine Wisdom, ask what is next that will allow you to express your true, Divinely Inspired Purpose. If you already know what is next, and if you’re clear it truly fits into the Grand Plan of the universe, state as clearly as you can what it will look like once it is completely manifested. Describe it to yourself as though you were sharing it with a trusted friend. Allow yourself to feel the energy and passion arising from it.

For example, I might receive the message that what is next for me as an expression of my Divinely Inspired Life Purpose is to organically grow Life On Purpose Institute as a thriving international community with an abundance of Life On Purpose Certified Coaches around the world.

NOTE: Don’t be surprised or alarmed if the message you receive feels too large or even impossible to accomplish. You won’t be working on the project by yourself. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Universal Spirit to suggest “Impossible Missions” as a way to deepen its relationship with you. If this happens, continue to take a few deep breaths and continue on with the process.

Stay tuned. More on the way.