Avoiding or Moving Beyond Despair

I recently read some interesting comments on Mark Silver’s Heart of Business Blog:

“One thing I’m absolutely sure of: there is always more fear available if you want it. I don’t want to belittle what’s happening on Wall Street here in the US, with widening global implications, and it’s just plain stupid to put on a happy face and believe that nothing is going to change.

However, please don’t give in to despair, and don’t pretend you know what it all means.”

My comment back: “Ain’t it the truth.”

And so, during these turbulent times, perhaps a more mindful and aware approach, rather than buying into the fearful story — a story that sounds stranger familiar from our childhood (‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling) — a more thoughtful approach may be to go within and see what we can learn from this. Like maybe, to appreciate the impermanence of our physical world. It does on the surface seem so real…and then suddenly billions of dollars disappear??? How can that be?

Could it be that it’s all still around, and that it’s only the fear that has the flow stuck?

And like Mark, I’m not out to belittle what’s happening. Some big stuff is at work on Wall Street, and other financial centers. We are all going to experience some changes, possibly some big changes. So, it could be comforting to know that some things won’t change…like you true purpose. Like that core of life we refer to by various names — soul, spirit, Divine essence.

Stay centered there, and keep breathing, and with a little grace from God we’ll all get through the ride.