Back to School and Back to Life (On Purpose)

It’s back to school time and in some ways it feels like back to life, though I have to admit this summer has been both full and fulfilling here at Life On Purpose Institute. Want to add spice to your summertime? Launch a new book and hire a great publicist to promote it.

For those who have been following my publishing adventures, you may recall the great review that was posted at from Dave Carpenter which then led to my being on his Exceptional Wisdom radio show. Well the interview was really more of an engaging dialogue and I feel was one of the most fun and worth listening to conversations I’ve had yet about the book and the whole idea of living on purpose.

The interview is now posted in the Exceptional Wisdom archives:

MY APOLOGY to those who were registered for BEING A MASTERFUL LIFE PURPOSE COACH for needing to cancel the teleclass, and the good news is that it’s been rescheduled for this coming Wednesday, September 5th at 12 noon Eastern time. If you are either a life coach or considering becoming one, and feel that assisting people to clarify their life purpose and live true to it would be a rewarding contribution to the world, register at: