Barbara Stahura on Exceptional Wisdom Radio

This week I'm interviewing on the Living & Working On Purpose radio show an extraordinary writer of personal essays, and a former founding member of the Visionary Writers On Purpose team. Let me introduce you to:

Barbara Stahura has been a full-time professional writer since 1987
and a freelancer since 1994. Much of her work centers around personal
transformation of one form or another, as shown by her interviews with
leading transformational figures such as Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Dr.
Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Ben Vereen, don Miguel Ruiz, and Riane Eisler.
Her work has appeared in national publications including Spirituality & Health, The Progressive, Science of Mind, and Pure Inspiration, and online at,, and elsewhere.

What I Thought I Knew
(Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing), her first collection of personal essays,
was recently released. These ten linked essays reveal times when she
changed her mind and changed her life. In the writing of this book and
many of her articles, she has become aware that giving up what she
thinks she knows is one of the most useful transformational tools

Listen in this Wednesday, Nov. 5th at 5 pm Eastern time on Exceptional Wisdom Radio.