Be Careful What You Pray For – Katrina Projects


Ann and I got in a half day of voluntarism at Habitat for Humanity before the rains came and resulted us being released after lunch. More on that later, but since I’m trying to get this in the ezine at last minute, there’s one other thing I’d like to share.

Perhaps this could be characterized as a ‘be careful for what you wish/pray for’ type story. As I went to bed last Thursday night I wrote down on my bedside journal that I wanted “a Katrina inspired Purpose Project” which was my way of saying that I wanted Spirit to guide me to how I might be of service to those affected by Katrina.

Well, I received not 1 but 3 ‘projects’. Here they are with an update on each:

1 To offer a full scholarship to Living the Fulfilled Life Program that starts on Tuesday, Sep. 16 at 2 pm to someone in the Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama area whose been affected by Katrina and is clear that clarifying their life purpose would assist them in getting back into the swing of things. (This person will also need to be able to access the internet and have long distance phone capabilities).

UPDATE: I posted this “Katrina Scholarship Offering” in Purposeful Pondering Ezine that went out on Saturday, the 17.

2 And most surprising of all was to offer my services as a retired veterinarian in the hurricane area to help with the displaced pets.  (Whoa boy, this one will be a stretch for me. But I feel strongly drawn to offer my veterinary skills, even if they are somewhat rusty at this point.)

UPDATE: I offered my services by completing an application on the Humane Society of the United States web site on Friday, the 16th. (

3 That the Unity Center that I attend ‘adopt’ a Unity in the affected area, of which there are severals.  

UPDATE: I passed this project on to the Unity Board on Friday, the 16th suggesting they explore this further during their Board meeting on the 19th.