Be on Purpose with Your Mission: Aligning Your Business Mission With Your Life Purpose

Here is a great article from Jan Stringer of Attracting Perfect Customers:

“Lighthouses speak to vigilance. They speak to caring. They speak to being there. They speak to helping other human beings.” Peter Ralston, the Island Institute, Rockland, Maine

How to create a “perfect connection” with more customers, and recognize it in the moment it is occurring, is the ultimate goal of the journey on which you are about to embark. Your first stop on this journey is to acquaint yourself with the six (6) affirming standards for conducting business in the new millennium. Daily practice of these Strategic Synchronicity standards will lay the foundation for a more prosperous, profitable, productive, and more perfect business environment.

It is on this foundation that you will create your Strategic Attraction™ Plan, a strategic process that works so quickly — usually within two days– that the results appear almost like coincidental occurrences, or as many believe, as “synchronicities.”

According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, a “synchronicity” is defined as the “coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.”

We believe it is possible to both design and identify the process that causes “synchronicity.” Through our years of experience in training thousands of people and organizations, in the Strategic Attraction™ Planning Process, we have found that it is possible to strategically attract relationships that have such a high level of connectedness, and which provide the most enriching, satisfying, and prosperous on-going exchanges of information and energy that seem almost too good to be true….as if they are lucky coincidences.


How can you tell if you and your company are strategically ready to “attract” only the “most perfect” customers to serve?

There is a simple test. We call it the Lighthouse Test.

Imagine a lighthouse standing strong and tall on the rocky shores of a beautiful ocean. The water is calm, the sky is blue, and there are many boats out to sea. But, out in the distance, a storm cloud is forming on the horizon. It is coming closer to shore very quickly. The sky is getting darker, the waves are getting rougher, and many of the boats are being tossed about on the water. As the rains and the winds pick up strength, so does the power of the beam of light emanating from the lighthouse. Some of the boats, anxious to move quickly to a quiet and protective harbor, are relying on this beam of light to guide them safely to the spot. The darker the skies become, the brighter the light shines. Notice that not all of the boats need this beam of light to guide them to safety. Some have more confident captains and crew; some have equipment for handling storms safely and effectively. Now, imagine that the lighthouse gets upset because some of the boats are choosing not to come to its harbor. The lighthouse feels that it is not successful if it is not serving all of the boats in the sea. It sprouts arms and legs and runs up and down the beach, waving its arms, doing its best to catch the attention of all the boats.

What do you think would be the result?

Most likely, the boats that were depending on the light to guide them would by now be destroyed in the chaos and confusion. Other boats, led by their curiosity, may come closer to shore to get a better look at the spectacle, still others would be perfectly content to stay where they are…out at sea. Result: very few boats are served safely and securely.

Here’s the test.

How often are you, your employees, and your coworkers operating like lighthouses standing securely on the shore attracting the boats (customers) that need your business with your light? How often do you run up and down the beach frantically looking for boats (customers) to serve?