Blake Lewis, Sanjaya – Lessons on Being Yourself

Well, my prediction was right. Of course, predicting that Jordin Sparks would become the next American Idol last night was not hard. After all, I had a 50-50 chance, plus she sang well on Tuesday.

Yes, there’s also something to note about Blake Lewis, the runner up, and even Sanjaya, who left the show early on. They showed the courage and tenacity to be themselves even when being themselves was different, even a bit controversial. For me that demonstrates the courage that it takes to live a life on purpose.

I’ve never said living on purpose is easy, only simple once you know your purpose and your Inherited Purpose. It’s not always easy (though worth the effort) because it often means going against the current of conventionality and what’s accepted as the norm.

So, my coaching cap is off to these brave young men. May you go far in your lives as you stay true to yourself.

What are your thoughts as you ponder this? I’d love to hear them.