Blown Away by David Carpenter’s Review

I was blown away this past Tuesday when I went to’s website and found the following unsolicited review had been posted the day before:

The Little Book That Can Make a Big Difference, August 6, 2007
By David Carpenter (Atlanta, GA) –

The incredible popularity of Rev. Rick Warren’s book on the Purpose Driven Life is proof of just how many people understand the importance of “finding” one’s life purpose. Until Brad Swift’s thoughtful book, those searching for their life purpose were left with two general pieces of advice on how to find one’s purpose: (1) listen to the divine spirit, or (2) watch for the purpose to somehow develop on the road of life. Both are sound approaches, but Swift has developed methodologies to help people zero in more quickly.

Rick Warren’s book(s) did a great job of opening minds as to the importance of purpose. Brad Swift’s book gives people specific tools to help discover one’s purpose. If Brad’s book becomes as well read as Warren’s (my fervent hope) AND IF READERS DO HIS PRESCRIBED EXERCISES, this book could be a huge contributor to making the world a much better place.

You can read the rest of the review HERE.

(While you’re there, if you’ve read the book, why not leave your own positive review?)

The small mind of my own Inherited Purpose says there’s no way a book I wrote could come close to reaching the same sales figures as Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life, after all I don’t have the network of churches he has, etc. etc. So what, my true self replies. Why not go for it? So I continue to go for it, and I’m asking for your assistance. Each book that’s sold and read moves us one inch closer to a world on purpose. So, here’s a bold and audacious request:

Choose your favorite bookstore in each neighborhood near you. Call the store and ask for the buyer. Tell her or him you want to choose a bookstore to refer friends to buy the book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, but want to be sure they always have copies in stock—if she or he agrees to order 5 copies, you’ll refer friends living near their store exclusively to them. Be sure, though, to follow-up—about a week later. The sooner you do this, the sooner the book registers on computers as being in demand, thus stimulating more orders from affiliated stores.

I know. It’s outrageous for me to ask you to do this, and I’m asking anyway. Even if just a few of you take this on, it will make a difference. The momentum for this book is building. I’ll share another big breakthrough that’s about to happen either later next week or in the next ezine.

You can even go to Barnes & Nobles web site and do a search for B&Ns in your area by just plugging in your zip go. The link to go to is HERE.

And it will give you the stores’ contact info. Neat, huh?

LAST MINUTE UPDATE: When I shared Dave Carpenter’s review with Carol Arnold, my publicist, she went to work to find out more about him, and how he’d discovered of the book. The long and short of it is that I’m now booked on Dave’s “Exceptional Wisdom” radio show that airs at 5 pm on Tuesday, August 21st. You can learn more HERE.