Book Blog Tour Begins June 4

My new book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, is being officially released the end of this month. I say ‘officially’ because it’s already available from a lot of internet book sites including (at

One of the many things my publicist, Carol Arnold ( and I are doing to help spread the word, is a Book Blog Tour. Each day, the book will be showcased on a new blog. Some of the bloggers will be reviewing the book, others will be asking me questions about it.

Want to travel cyberspace with me? Here’s the schedule:

Monday, June 4 – Aaron Potts (Today is That Day)
Orange Park, FL

Tuesday, June 5 – Lyman Reed (Creating a Better Life)
Glendale, CA

Wednesday, June 6 – Nicolette Beard (Man-o-Pause)
Houston, TX

Thursday, June 7 – Beth Dargis (My Simpler Life)
Zeeland, MI

Friday, June 8 – Jerry Lopper (Purposeful Growth)
Pickerington, OH

Monday, June 11 – Pamela Slim (Escape From Cubicle Nation)
Mesa, AZ

Tuesday, June 12 – Steve Johnson (The Fast Lane)
Caldwell, ID

Wednesday, June 13 – Jodee Bock (You Already Know This Stuff)
Fargo, ND

Thursday, June 14 – Wendy Geise (My Pura Vida)
Pleasanton, CA

Friday, June 15 – Ophelia Nicholson & Shauna Arthurs (Breathing Prosperity)
Two people who run the blog together

Monday, June 18 – Nigel Percy (Everything Intuition)
Chino Valley, AZ

Tuesday, June 19 – Nneka (Balanced Life)
Raleigh, NC

Wednesday, June 20 – Mike Adams (Riding the Wind)
Military Base

Thursday, June 21 – Edward Mills (Evolving Times)
Sebastopol, CA

Friday, June 22 – Jeff Lilly (The Druid Journal)
Holyoke, MA

Monday, June 25 – Jane Chin (Living Your Inspiration)
Redondo Beach, CA

Tuesday, June 26 – Ramla Karachi (A Lust for Life)

Wednesday, June 27 – Anthony Cerminaro (A Soul Searching)
Sewickley, PA

Thursday, June 28 – Kammie (Passion Meets Purpose)
St. Peters, MO

Friday, June 29 – Arti Honrao (Straight from the Heart)
Maharashtra, INDIA