Book Review: Kinda Wild about Blogwild by Andy Wibbel

Since my Business On Purpose Teleseries interview with Suzanne Falter Barns, I’ve become re-inspired about the Living & Working On Purpose Blog as you may have noticed from all the entries of late. To listen to the interview, a gift from me to you, Click Here.

One of the books she recommended to get started on blogging was Andy Wibbel’s Blogwild, so I purchased a copy. It’s a short read, and even though I took my time with it, finished it in 3-4 days. And so I’d like to share my review with you that I also placed on Amazon:


This is a tough book to give ‘stars’ to because how valuable it is or isn’t depends a lot on the reader. That may be true of other books, even mine, come to think of it – Life on Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life. It’s great for someone who is clueless or just has a vague idea of their life purpose, and less valuable if you’re already clear about your purpose and living it each day.

For a beginning blogger and especially if they plan to start blogging using a Typepad type blog, this is a definite 5 and I plan to recommend it to my student coaches who elect to start a blog, because it’ll make that whole process so much easier and less intimidating.

For me, someone who already had Typepad blogs ( the book was still a good review as well as helping me to become clear about some of the nuances that I wasn’t familiar with.

Perhaps it’s time for a sequal for the more advance blogger. What do you say, Andy?