Brad and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Hi Everyone,

This is Ann Swift (Brad’s wife) writing to you to let you know about some of the latest happenings with Brad Swift and his living on purpose. As many of you know his life purpose is to live a life of purposeful, passionate and playful service. Well after a few nights of restless sleep, it came to Brad that he was being called to use his veterinary training to assist the animals affected by Hurricane Katrina. He searched the internet and found the United States Humane Society. After contacting them, he found out they needed help before Hurricane Rita hit. So on Wednesday he received a message that if he could respond within the next 24 to 72 hours his services would be greatly needed, used and appreciated.

So on Wednesday morning September 21st, the Swift family had breakfast and planned how to make Brad’s trip safe and of the most service possible. Amber volunteered to call local vet hospitals and ask if they would like to donate any supplies for Brad to take to Gonzales, LA (where Brad was going.) To our surprise we had two hospitals and one grooming business donate enough supplies to make it necessary for Brad to take our van.

Wednesday was a day filled with activity. Amber and I went around town collecting the boxes of saline solution, gauze, dog food, cat food, flea shampoo, disinfectant, pet carriers, leashes, and more. This all happened within a 6 hour span. To say the least Amber, Brad and I were deeply touched by the generosity of the people of Flat Rock and Hendersonville. Some told us that if they had had a little more notice they could have given more. It brought tears to my eyes to witness such authentic giving. People are truly caring.

One veterinarian hospital had a jar on their counter where they had been collecting money for Hurricane Katrina victims. Upon counting up the money the veterinarian said to the receptionist to “Write a check for $50.00 to add the $11.61 that had been donated.” It was truly inspiring to be present to such giving. This was on top of giving bags of dog and cat food and most of the veterinary supplies I listed earlier. You can imagine how truly soul touching this was to be a part of.

Another wonderful surprise was from our church, Unity Center of Mills River.
Brad called our minister to let him know that he was going to serve the animal victims of Katrina in Louisiana and was there anything that the church could do to make the cost of the trip not a hardship on the Swift family. The minister said “Have Ann stop by and I will have a check for you.”
To my deep amazement it was a check for $500 dollars. When I picked up the check I couldn’t believe it was for Brad and his trip. I was awe struck.

So Wednesday night Brad loaded the van and left for Gonzales, LA. He stopped on the road to get some sleep and not arrive too tired and finally arrived on Thursday night. Brad told me it was much longer driving trip than he thought. He worked until 4:00 am Thursday morning (or make that Friday
morning.) They were packing up the animals to relocate them away from Hurricane Rita. Brad’s job was to take some of the ducks and chickens to a place about 150 miles north of Gonzales. They have worked out an arrangement for prison inmates to take care of the animals long term. The inmates will have to earn the right to care for these animals because it is a privilege.
Brad will stay there until Saturday and will most likely head back for Flat Rock on Sunday and get home by Monday.

Please keep Brad in your prayers for a safe return and that Hurricane Rita doesn’t do too much damage in that area.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for being a part of Life On Purpose.
Thank you for helping create a world on purpose.
Ann Swift (Brad’s wife)