Brad’s Adventures in Katrina Land

Well, I’ve returned safely to North Carolina after an adventurous and
challenging journey to the Gonzales area of Louisiana where I assisted
along with many other volunteers to help 1200+ animals displaced by
Hurricane Katrina. I arrived just in time to help move about 120 dogs
and about 2 dozen chickens, geese and ducks out of Gonzales to safer
quarters before Hurricane Rita struck.

We moved them to a large and very sturdy barn at the farm of the Dixon
Correctional Institute where we could be assisted in their care by the
prison inmates. It was really an ingenious plan that worked
beautifully. The inmates have to earn the right to work on the farm
and were picked for their interest in and caring nature for the
animals. They walked the dogs as well as feeding and watering them,
under the supervision of the people of the Humane Society.

I stayed until late in the afternoon on Sunday, serving several roles,
including one as the self-appointed ‘canine candy striper,’ traveling
from cage to cage making sure the dogs had, not only fresh food and
water, but also a chew bone or toy and a little extra love. In just a
few short days I fell in love with over 150 animals. I realized on the
journey home that my ‘Pup Placement Purpose Project’ is not over yet.
I am exploring ways I can help find good homes for the pets that are
not claimed by their original owners.

If you have any suggestions or channels to assist in this next phase of
the project, let me know. While it was a physically, emotionally and
mentally exhausting trip that I’m still recuperating from, it was well
worth the effort. I’m glad I followed these breadcrumbs of passion
trail. No telling where it will lead to next.

I’ll keep you posted via this blog so stay tuned. AND if you know of some way to help
don’t hesitate to contactd me by responding to this blog or sending a
message to Thanks.