Burn Out Strategy #2: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Perhaps the title of the popular book by Richard Carlson, Ph.D. says it
best: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff And It’s All Small Stuff. Keeping our
lives and work in perspective is a wonderful strategy for our mental and
emotional wellness. Once again, this strategy works synergistically with
scheduling in STOP time. These are times that you can step away from all
the daily activities and get a better perspective on what’s happening. You
may also find that a lot of stress is because you’re doing someone else’s

Since many business owners aren’t naturally skilled at delegating they end
up trying to do everything, including a lot of the details like paper work,
scheduling, payroll, etc. Much of this work is detail-oriented and while
it’s work that needs to be done, it can often be done better by someone else
that both enjoys this type of work and is therefore better equipped to do
it. To put this strategy into action, make a list of the detail work that
you find unpleasant, and then either delegate it to one of your employees or
hire a new person to take it over. Business coach, Chris Barrow of the
Dental Business School, points out that many business owners would be far
more productive and less stressed if they hired a full or part time personal
assistant to handle much of these details.

Tomorrow’s Topic: Ignite Your Passion Through Purpose (You knew this was
where we were heading, right?

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