Business Building On Purpose Resource Center

Like a pair of scissors, it takes two edges to cut it and to be successful as a life coach:

  • being effective at coaching people, and
  • being successful in building a thriving coaching practice.

This section is a selection of resources to help you sharpen this second edge.


Building on a Foundation of Belief

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” – Henry Ford

It all starts with belief — believing in yourself and your ability to, not only create a life on purpose, but also a business on purpose where the work you do is a natural expression of your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose. Start to build a foundation of belief in yourself  with these two articles:

The Power of Belief to Shape Our Lives

Upgrading Old Misbeliefs

Then, use the five steps outlined in Upgrading Old Misbeliefs to create a solid foundation of ‘believability’ in yourself. Work with your Coach Mentor until you’re both satisfied that your foundation is solid and aligned with your true purpose. Include creating a working draft Visionary Reality of  your coaching business on purpose.

 Revisiting the Trifecta Model

A key step to building a thriving coaching practice is knowing who are the people you’ve come here to serve, the problem or problems you’re here to help them solve or heal and the possibility you’re really here to make available.  That’s where the Trifecta Model can help.

Knowing these “3Ps” are also important in building your business, especially in the marketing aspect.



The Marketing Train Model

All successful entrepreneurs know the importance of developing their skills in marketing their products and/or services. Let’s start that process by learning about the Marketing Train.



Click Here for Marketing Engine Section

Public Speaking Marketing Engine

Speaking in public can be one of the most fun, fulfilling and profitable ways to build a strong clientele. Learn how to get started here.


And here is a simple example of a talk you could adapt.

Grassroots Marketing Engine

No, this section isn’t about how to green up your lawn. Grassroots marketing can be an effective way to build your client base starting with the people you already know.


Strategic Alliance Marketing Engine

There are professionals already helping the people you’ve come here to serve. Reaching out to these professionals to form strategic alliances can be a powerful way to build your coaching practice.


SAPLetter.Chiropractor (A sample letter for making contact with a potential strategic alliance partner (SAP).

NOTE: Click Here to download any of these audios if you want to listen offline. You will arrive at one of my dropbox folders. To download a file, click on the name of the file while holding down the CTRL key. This will open a scroll down menu. Scroll down to ‘download.’

Customer Focused Story Approach

The following two audios compliment each other looking at an important aspect for business building called “the Customer Focused Story.”

CMP CSF with Mark


Customer Focused Story Template & Example (PDF)