Calling All Angels (and Angel Lovers)

I recently heAnnSwiftard a statistic that close to 80% of Americans believe in angels. I confess I am one of those people. I have always admired and appreciated the beautiful pictures of angels I saw in the Bible or in art museums. Angels have a special place in my heart. I believe in Angels!!

A few years ago I decided to learn more about angels. I joined an angel study group, bought angel books, attended angel classes and have thoroughly enjoyed the process. I am still a student of angels and invoke angels in my spiritual practices. Talking with angels bring me peace, solitude and miracles. When I don’t get too caught up in life and I consciously talk with an angel each day I find life just goes so much smoother.

It was with this in mind that my sweet husband, Brad, came up with the idea, why not incorporate angels more into my work  as a Life On Purpose Coach? Couldn’t angels help others in the process of clarifying their life purpose? It was one of those duh moments! (You know – like one of those “I-could-have-had-a-V-8” moments.) Of course, how wonderful!01-archangel-michael-e1286347705833

Using one or more archangels for each passage of the Life on Purpose Process would add an extra spark of spirituality to the process making it even more fun and effective. One way to think of working with angels is that with each angel you are invoking a particular aspect of your own spiritual nature. For example, during Passage 1 as you begin your journey along the Purposeful Path, you might feel the need for an infusion of courage. After all, this can be a daunting journey you’re beginning. In this case, you could strengthen you own courage by invoking Archangel Michael, the angel of protection, guidance and strength.

Or in Passage 3 of the Life On Purpose Process, you may find you could use an infusion of healing energy as you begin to uncover the fear-based Inherited Purpose, in which case you could connect with Archangel Raphael, the angel of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

Angels can be powerful and playful allies on our journey along the Purposeful Path. They can add a depth of meaning and spiritual connection to our daily lives as well. You’ll hear more from me about angels as I continue to develop my own connection with these powerful and purposeful partners.

By the way, on February 20th and 21st I will be conducting my first Ann’s Coaching Days of the 2013.  Are you a woman, perhaps a mother, who finds herself in midlife struggling with a major transition?  Perhaps you are dealing with:

  • Feeling lost, alone and uncertain as to what life is all about: You can’t put your finger on it but you just feel as if life doesn’t hold the meaning and zest it once had. So you ask yourself what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get myself going and enjoy life to the fullest? Why am I feeling so lost when nothing has really changed?
  • Change of career, the desire to change careers or retirement: You loved this career. Yet now you are tired maybe even burned out and looking for something fresh and new.  You feel ready for the next chapter in your life. What will it be?
  • Empty nest syndrome: You may have considered your primary purpose in life to be a good mother, but now that the children are gone you’ve lost that sense of purpose and meaning.
  • End of a marriage: The relationship that you invested so much of your life into is over. It’s time to pick up the pieces and get on with your life…but how?

If so, we need to talk! And the initial coaching consultations of these coaching days are a great time to have some real value added to your life while we also determine whether we’d be a good match to work together in a coaching relationship.

“Working with Ann has been like having my very own Fairy Godmother. She is kind, loving and honest showing me some of the errors of my thinking and helping me uncover my inherited purpose. She always has my good at heart. My life has turned around since working with Ann and I am releasing the situations in my life that have kept me stuck and stressed for years. I would recommend Ann to anyone.”    DM, Virgina

Complete information is online here.

Please feel free to contact me for Ann’s Coaching Day or other times that we could schedule if those days do no work for you. May your life be filled with fulfilling purpose.

Ann Swift
Life on Purpose Institute, Inc. Co-Founder
Life on Purpose Certified Coach