Checking in With Iggy

No, Iggy is not the brother of Ziggy. Iggy is the name I affectionately use for my Inner Guidance. After all, there are thousands of names for God so why not make up one that resonates. As strange as it may sound, Iggy does this for me because the name reminds me where he lives — IG — Inner Guidance. Also, I find the name to be a bit impish and playful, which reminds me that my Inner Guidance doesn’t have to always be so serious and significant.

Naming my source of inner knowing also makes it easier for me to experience a loving and personal relationship. Often during my morning walks when I’m creating my day, I pray to the Universe — the outer and inner, the physical and metaphysical Universe. But sometimes that’s just too much for me to hold. That’s when I check in with Iggy.

There are many different ways to check in and get a check up from Iggy. Meditation, prayer, journaling, walking meditations, visualization or inner spiritual journeys to Iggy’s home, are just a few that come readily to mind.

The important thing to notice is that checking in with your Inner Guidance takes time. Oh, it doesn’t have to be a lot of time, although you may find that you’ll want to devote more time as you start to realize the many benefits. For many people, simply setting aside 10 to 20 minutes each day is a great start.

As you become more comfortable and as your relationship with Iggy grows, you may want to take him around with you. He’s light weight and takes up no room so it’s easy to do. Then, as you go about your day, check in for some ‘instant guidance.’

My wife recently related this story. She was running errands, one of which included filling the car with gas. As she was doing so she noticed that in the dumpster of the gas station was what appeared to be some pressure treated lumber that was still in good shape.

“Somebody could use those, “ she thought as she finished filling the gas and went to pay. But since she couldn’t think of any use for them, she left them there. Then, the next morning as she stood on our deck gazing at our garden area, she noticed the two strawberry patches. Around the older one we had placed some treated lumber to set up a bed, but there was no lumber around the one we’d recently planted. Immediately, she was reminded of the lumber in the dumpster.

“My intuition (one of her names for Iggy) was trying to tell me to take the lumber,” she recounted to me, “But unfortunately, I wasn’t listening clearly enough.” As she told me this story, it reminded me that one of the easiest and most effective ways to check in with Iggy is to ask questions.

Noticing things in our lives like the lumber in the dumpster is a good start. The next step is to check in with Iggy like this: “I know there are no accidents in the Universe. I realize that someone could use this lumber. Who do I know that could use it? In what way might I use it? How else could this lumber be used for the highest good of all?”

Try it this week. Experience the joy of a life with Iggy.

(From the forthcoming Spiral of Fulfillment: Living an Inspired Life of Service, Simplicity and Spiritual Serenity, book two of the Life On Purpose Book Series.)