You may have reached this page from Steve Pavlina’s website looking for A Life that Matters video series. We’ve recently retired that video series and created one that we feel is a more comprehensive and valuable introduction on how to go about clarifying your true purpose in life.

It’s entitled Clarity of Purpose: Don’t Live Life without It.

Knowing your life purpose with such clarity that it has the power to shape your entire life can make a profound and lasting difference. So, why do so few people really know their purpose to this degree?

More importantly, what can you do to gain this clarity of purpose? Click the video below and let’s get started on your journey along the purposeful path — destination, your life on purpose.

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This next ‘piece of the purposeful puzzle’ will blow your mind, and make such a difference in the quality of your life. Continue your journey along the Purposeful Path by Clicking Here.

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