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Still single, darling?

Are you single and tired of it? Are you dissatisfied with your love life?

Do you feel disappointed and hurt because of your past relationships?

You think men can’t be trusted and you have good reasons to think so. Or maybe you believe you are single because you are not _____________ (beautiful? smart? interesting?) enough. You might even think there aren’t enough good men out there.

Whatever you believe, you are right! However, are your beliefs empowering and supporting you to find your soulmate?


I tried…

I know you did. You tried online dating, blind dates, speed dates… anything that’s connected to dating, You read advise on the net, you bought books, you listened to your girlfriends and put into practice what they told you. You played the hard-to-get or the kind and loving geisha, you waited for days for him to call or maybe you decided you just couldn’t wait any longer and picked up the phone. Every time you met an interesting man, you wondered whether he liked you.

However, have you ever asked yourself whether you really liked him? And what exactly you liked about him?

Do you find yourself being angry and resentful, fueling negative thoughts?

Do you wonder why they don’t call back after the first date?

Darling, it’s not about who you are that is not working, it’s about what you are doing. You’ve tried all the possible techniques and roles. What about being yourself and going out on a date to have fun, instead of stressing you out wondering how it’s going? What about you let your light shine and your inner goddess flourish? What if dating was fun?


Wanna find the big love?

If you are frustrated and tired of repeating the same mistakes and patterns, you are in the right place. Do you want to get better results at dating, learn how to recognize the men who won’t commit even in a hundred years and be able to focus on men who are real boyfriend and even husband material?

It’s time for you to start feeling open, connected, free and supported. It’s time for you to start feeling loved. And this concerns not only men, but every single area of your life as well.

The point is that nobody ever taught us how to do it. I wouldn’t start to drive my car with a long trip in mind if I didn’t know how to drive, first. It sounds so obvious… So how is it that  smart and high value women like you think they will find real love and have a fulfilling relationship without actually knowing not only how to drive, but sometimes even how to open the door of their car?

I don’t have a magic wand that will make your Mr. Right appear from nothing, nor do I prepare love potions to have that guy pursue you. However, I do believe in the magic of love and I know that you are the only magician that will make all you want manifest. Most dating rules we learn make up a game that can often become exhausting: all those dos and don’ts feel like you are forcing your inner nature, right? You don’t have to change who you are to attract the man you are dreaming of, sweetheart. Actually, you’ll need to be who you are at your core in order to meet your soulmate.


How I can serve you on your path to love

I “teach what I most need to learn”, that is how to live a joyful life filled with love and fulfilling relationships.

I’ve learned a lot from my trainers and my clients. However, my biggest teachers have been two loving couples, men and women who have been together for over 50 years.

An almost octogenarian who will stop doing whatever he is doing to look at his wife and whisper in her ear how beautiful she is; an elderly aunt who told me the story of her life one day and summed it up with these words, while looking at her husband: “I have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and I love them all. But he – he has always come first in my heart.”

That was the day when I understood that it was exactly what I wanted for myself. And this is what I’m here to help you achieve, if this is what your heart is craving for: a magic relationship that will be a place to grow for two people who will still look at each other with tenderness and passion after a whole life together.

My most successful love story is my own one. Before I started my journey on the Purposeful Path I simply wasn’t ready to be fully engaged and committed in the type of relationship I’ve always dreamed of. The Life On Purpose Process gave me clarity about my whole life and particularly about who I am and want to be in my love life. Every moment I’ve spent with my partner has been a chance to live fully on purpose.

It’s easier to do nothing. It’s easier to stay comfortable and complain.

But if you want a life of love, then you have to choose to be love. 

What do you choose?


Start off on your path to love

Are you committed to creating your love life on purpose? Complete the Coaching Questionnaire to see more clearly what you want to focus on and to prepare yourself for our Initial Coaching Consultation and give me an opportunity to get to know you a little bit before talking on the phone.

Consultations take place via Skype or phone if you live in Germany, only via Skype if you live outside Germany. Sessions can take place via Skype or phone or in person in Berlin. Any other location on request. Just ask: I love traveling!

Coaching is available in English, German and Italian. I also speak Polish and French, which can help if they are your native languages.

The two purposes of the consultation are:

  • To add value to your life for the pure joy of it, and
  • To determine if we’d be a good match in a coaching relationship

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