Coaches Mentoring Program Online Resources

As you may recall the Life On Purpose Coaches Mentoring Program has three intentions:

  1. That you will experience living your life on purpose in a deeper and more expansive way.
  2. You will be trained to be an effective Life On Purpose Coach in your life. There are two primary ways this look. You may choose simply design your life to be an example of a life on purpose and to be a stand for that possibility for the people around you. You may also decide to take this the next step and actually develop yourself as a professional life coach.
  3. For those who choose to become a professional life coach, you  will learn the basics for what it takes to build a successful coaching practice as a Business On Purpose.

This online resource center which is a foundational part of the Life On Purpose Coaches Mentoring Program is organized around these three intentions.

Intention #1: Experiencing Living Your Life On Purpose

The two main resource for this area are the:


Intention #2: Becoming a Life On Purpose Coach in Your Life

One of the main resources for fulfilling this intention is the Virtual Video Coach 2.0 also since it outlines the Life On Purpose Process. This Process is your road map to your own life on purpose. As you design your own life to be a true and authentic reflection of your life purpose, you will become a living example of this possibility for others in your life. If you choose to develop yourself as a professional life coach this is also the Process that you will be guiding your clients through.

Another important resource for your training as a Life On Purpose Coach is the Life On Purpose Process Coach’s Guide. You can download the guide in two formats:

The third integral resource is the Coach Training Resource Center.


Business Building Area

You will find a number of online resources to support you in your business building efforts by Clicking Here.