Coaching On: When Fear Shapes Our Lives

Here's a request for coaching that recently came in from :

I don't think for me it's a matter of finding out what my life purpose is because I know that I have been gifted with talent and a passion for music. Ever since I was a little girl, I could remember standing in front of the mirror pretending to be a rockstar, singing in my hair brush. 
My dream is to sing and through music make an impact in teh world but my question is more in regards to my creative block and some sort of mental/emotional resistence I seem to have in pursuing my life pursue to become a performer/singer.
You would think that some who really had the passion and determination to materilze their dream would be taking action but I feel stuck and i tend to procratsinate and avoid every opportunity I have to live out my life purpose. It's just total insanity. Is it fear, is it just pure laziness? What is stopping me from taking action, from dedicating more time and energy into the one thing I love so much?
Can you help? Fear

And here was my response back:

Thank you for your question – Is it fear, is it just pure laziness? What is  stopping me from taking action, from dedicating more time and energy into the one thing I love so much?

I can really feel your frustration and angst in your message. So, let's see what I can provide to start to 'unstick' you and provide you access to a greater degree of freedom to pursue your passion.

To begin, real briefly, let me make a distinction regarding life purpose.  While most of our culture views a life purpose as what we're here to 'DO' (sing, dance, coach, doctoring, healing, etc.)  the Life On Purpose Perspective offers a different view — your life purpose is who you are as a spiritual being and what you came here to be and to experience.  Your life purpose is the context of BEING that you pour your life of DOING into, so who you are begins to shape what you do, and what you do becomes ways in which you express your life purpose.  (more info on this in links below)

With that in mind, please consider this second distinction.  We all have not one but two life purposes. In other words, we have two primary life shaping forces in our lives and each of them is distinct to ourselves.  We have our true, or as I like to refer to it, our Divinely Inspired Life Purpose, and we have our Inherited Purpose. Both can be powerful shaping forces in our life, and when our lives are being shaped by the Inherited Purpose, it prevents us from either knowing our true purpose or it acts as a master saboteur undermining our life purpose.

And you're right on when you suspect that FEAR may be playing a big part in your dilemma.  You see, our Divinely Inspired Life Purpose arises from and has as its foundation Universal Love (which often equates for people as their relationship to God, or a Higher Power, or their spiritual nature).  But the Inherited Purpose is based in fear, a sense of lack and a need to struggle to survive.

Here's the catchy part. Your Inherited Purpose operates most effectively be remaining in the background of your awareness.  Since it's formed in our early formative years, it's pretty easy for it to stay in the background, kinda like the air conditioning unit you don't even year in a room until it shuts off and suddenly you realize there was a soft humming in the background.

So, my coaching to you — uncover your Inherited Purpose so you can begin to own it and eventually make friends with it so one day it can become your ally in living true to your Divinely Inspired Purpose.

By the way, this is a critically important step along the Purposeful Path that is fully outlined in Passage 3 of the 6 Passages of the Life On Purpose Process. 

For more on the Life On Purpose Perspective, check out this blog posting from my next book on the subject:

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You may also want to take the Life On Purpose Self Test to get a clearler picture of your starting point, as well as pointing you towards your new life.

And thanks for giving me this opportunity to express my own life purpose in this way, and for being willing for to share it publicly so that others may be served.

Simply and purposefully,