Coaching Suggestions for Empowering the Group On Purpose Projects

As an On Purpose Guide your role with the Group Purpose Projects is to be a strong support for the Project happening, while not stepping in and doing the project or even being the leader of the project.
So, let’s look and see the integral part the Group Purpose Projects play in the overall design of the On Purpose Program. These projects:

  • Give each individual a way of being known and expressing their life purpose into the world in a community that will naturally support them in doing so.
  • Offer the participants a powerful and playful way to give back to the spiritual community that has provided them with the means to clarify their life purpose and live true to it.
  • Provide a way for the spiritual communities vision to be realized in a larger and more powerful way as these teams of purposeful people play together to fulfill on the projects.

What You as the On Purpose Guide Can Do to Empower the Group Projects

One of your primary roles to to provide a strong support structure that will allow the Group Purpose Projects to be successful.  While you may find some participants tend to resist structure, thinking that it may suppress their creativity, we like to offer a different possibility. The right structure will actually empower and encourage the natural creativity that takes place when people are living and expressing their life purpose.

Examples of this kind of structure include:

  • A Group Project Leader — someone who wants to have a real breakthrough in living and expressing their life purpose by stepping into the role of a ‘servant leader.’
  • Setting regular dates and times the group will meet to keep moving the Group Project forward.
  • Determining what are the gifts and talents that each participant brings to the project and how they choose to participate with the project as an expression of their Divinely Inspired Life Purpose.

Additional Coaching Pointers

Use the distinctions of the Life On Purpose Process in setting up the Group Projects and encourage the participants to do the same. Some examples of powerful distinctions to work with include:

  • What’s shaping your life in this moment — the Inherited Purpose or your Divinely Inspired Purpose
  • Purposeful Play – playing with the project as though it’s all about producing the desired results while at the same time remembering that the ‘real purpose’ of a Purpose Project is that people have the opportunity to be, be known, and to express their life purpose in the world.

Remember, one of the hallmarks that the project continues to be a Purpose Project is that fun and play is present. If people are getting to serious and/or significant around the project, have the group leader check in to see where the Inherited Purpose has begun to coop the project.

Expect miracles and unprecedented and unpredictable results and outcomes. Often times, these projects take on a life of their own.  If that starts to happen, enjoy the ride.