Could You Go a Day/Week/Month with No Complaining?

If you were to eliminate complaining from your life for a day/week/month or longer, what might show up in its place?

I know for so many of us (me included), complaining is just a part of life, even a life on purpose. 1193 But what if we consciously took on not complaining, maybe starting off with just one day, then maybe extending it to another day, and then another.  Could you keep from complaining for a week?  How about a month?

And what if you did?  What might show up in its place?

Complaining from the Life On Purpose Perspective
What would you say the source of people's complaining is? I believe if you look, you'll see that the complaints come from a basic, fundamental belief (a belief that often lives as though it's the truth) that "there's something wrong here.  Something wrong with me, with you and/or with it."

Another way of saying this from the Life On Purpose Perspective is that complaining is a favorite 'move' of the Inherited Purpose — that fear, lack and struggling to survive force that shapes so much of our lives.

So, if we stopped complaining even for a short time, we'd be eliminating one of the basic moves of our Inherited Purpose, which might just give some room for your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose to begin to show up and shape our lives.

And how could we provide a bit of a wedge for our true purpose to shape our lives?  What if each time we heard ourselves begin to complain, we stopped and replaced the complaint with a message straight from our Divinely Inspired Life Purpose.  Maybe a message like: "All is in Divine Order even when and especially when it doesn't look like it, so I'll flow with what's flowing and work with what's working."

OK, sure you might need to repeat this several times, especially if you're a chronic complainer, but wouldn't it be fun to give it a try.

You just might find more joy, fulfillment, and fun showing up in the space you create by eliminating the complaining. Acceptance might even be able to show up in the open space made available from eliminating complaints.

And if you want more help, try wearing a "Complaint Free World" bracelet. They're available at:

Remember the 6 Blind Men Who Examined an Elephant?
The story goes that 6 blind men examined an elephant. Each one felt a different part of its anatomy, and each one came up with a different conclusion about what he was actually feeling — a wall, a tree, a snake, etc. 

And when it comes to this incredible Universe and life, aren't we like the blind men?  Since from our limited perspective we cannot see the entire picture, why would we waste our time and energy judging it as right or wrong, or complaining about it.

Something to ponder upon for sure.  Why not share your comments and thoughts with me here?