Counteracting the Grip of Doubt & Second Guessing

Do you ever doubt yourself or find yourself second guessing your decisions and choices?  I know I do and I find these are common 'off purpose patterns' of many of my clients.

You do everything you can to align with your true Self, your inner guidance, to connect with the Divine spark within, and maybe you do a really good job of it…and out of all that inner work you determine what's next for you.

Maybe you even take the time to formulate it as a Purpose Project. (At least I hope you do <G>) And it feels good, it feels right.  You're inspired by the new direction and goal.

And then one morning you wake up and wonder — is this really what I'm meant to do?  Do I really have what it takes to pull it off?  And before you know it, you're deeply immersed in doubt and second guessing.


The Antidote to Doubt and Second Guessing
Doubting yourself and second guessing your decisions are common 'moves' of the fear and lack-based Inherited Purpose — that story from the past that you've been telling yourself about yourself and about life for so long that you've come to believe it to be true.

The ol' Inherited Purpose is masterful at keeping you safe and secure. Unfortunately in the process it also keeps you small and often living a life of quiet desperation.  And two of the moves or strategies it uses, oh so effectively, are doubt and seconding guessing.

I've seen amazingly powerful men and women frozen in place in their life — like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car — frozen by doubt and second guessing every decision they've made.

The good news is that there's also a highly effective 'antidote' or way to counteract this 'off purpose pattern.'  Replace it with the 'on purpose pattern' of finding evidence for the manifestation of your dream/goal/project.

A Real Life Examples
Even though I've been a life coach for over 20 years and deeply committed to living my own life on purpose for over 14 years, I'm not immune from the same doubt and second guessing of the Inherited Purpose.

But I do know of a highly effective way to counteract them both.


For most of this year, I've been hard at play bringing the On Purpose Program Project into existence. The long range intention is to have the On Purpose Program be the premier program in New Thought Spiritual Centers (and other spiritual centers as well) for creating powerful teams of passionate people who know their purpose and are thrilled to express it in service to their communities.

It's one of my boldest and most exciting projects I've ever taken on, so not surprisingly my Inherited Purpose has been serving up massive amounts of doubt and second guessing. 

So I serve back equally large doses of evidence that this project is coming into being.  Just this past week I spoke to two people — one is a life coach in Greensboro NC whose thrilled to be one of our first On Purpose Guides who will be facilitating the On Purpose Program in his center.  The second person is another life coach in Virginia who wants to bring the On Purpose Program to her spiritual center so she can also become an On Purpose Guide.

This is wonderful evidence that my dream for this project is happening. (And I thank both of these people for their energy and support.)

So What's Your Dream? Start Collecting the Evidence
Really, what's your dream?  I want to know.  I want to give you the opportunity to share it with the world and to begin to collect evidence that it's possible and is destined to be.

So post it as a comment here and in the process begin creating a bit of evidence for it coming into being.

I've even posted the Visionary Reality of my Purpose Project here as well:


Life Purpose: My life on purpose is an inspired and inspiring life of purposeful, passionate and playful service, a life of mindful abundance balanced with simplicity and a life of spiritual serenity.
Project Name:
On Purpose Program – 5 P’s for transforming the world (Purpose, passion, play, prosperity & peace)
Project Vision: It’s been such an inspired journey to bring ON PURPOSE to the New Thought Spiritual Centers (NTSC’s).  It was clearly an idea whose time had come as exemplified by the way the project flowed, was so much fun, and overall so well received.  I would categorize it as a ‘duh’ moment like, “Duh, why did it take me so long to really start this project. It’s such a natural.”

We now have established On Purpose as the program of choice for New Thought Spiritual Centers that are ready to infuse their congregation with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning that naturally flows into a greater call to serve.  It has also become known as a powerful and effective ‘spiritually based leadership development program’ that has transformed many ‘wall flower’ type congregants into natural leaders and ‘love in action’ volunteers.

One of the noted features of On Purpose is the strong support that we at Life On Purpose Institute provide to the On Purpose “Guides” — the term we coined for those who facilitate the 8 week program.  This support includes a weekly teleconferencing call where the Guides can receive coaching and get their questions answered from a Life On Purpose Coach.  It also includes a private support web site which includes a series of video tutorials and an online forum.  Interestingly enough, it’s become quite common for Guides to further their spiritual journey through taking the Life On Purpose Coaches Development Program and becoming Life On Purpose Coaches.

And the amazing reports we hear back of the contribution being made in the local communities and spiritual centers from the Purpose Projects that are being created and fulfilled may be the most satisfying part of the whole inspiring project.

On the business end, this has truly been integral to moving Life On Purpose Institute into high momentum and stability.  We have planted our flag in the NTSCs and they have reciprocated with love, loyal and a true following of fans, while also generating a steady and growing income stream that has turned into a river.  Then, there’s all the off shoots of this project.  The book sales that have naturally increased in part because the book is part of the course materials, but also because others around the On Purpose Program ask to purchase books.  Also, the Coaches Development Program is a steady program we offer with many Guides requesting this training.  And then there’s the steady stream of program participants who also seek out our LOP Coaches for more in depth one-on-one work particularly for support in designing and living their life on purpose.