Creating Our Reality — Do We Or Don’t We?

Recently, Ann, Amber and I took part in one of the first picnics of the summer with several other “Unitics” (people who attend the local Unity Church). During the picnic, someone asked the question — “Do we really create our own reality?” This is a fairly common and well-accepted belief among many Unitics, though not all.

Even though the conversation went off in a different direction, the question continued to hang around in my thoughts. Do we create our own reality? All the time? Some of the time? Not at all? Here are the results of my ponderings.

To start with, the question begs another question be explored first — Reality. What do we mean? What is the reality to which we refer? It appears to me that as a human being, the best I can do to access ‘reality’ is through my perception of reality, and that perception will be based on what I take in from what’s ‘out there’ through my 5 senses and then what my mind and emotions make up from that data.

So if we have any effect on reality it will involve this process of sensory input and data “analysis” or “interpretation.” So, then the original question becomes, “Do I have any influence on this process of perceiving reality?” For me the answer is “Yes,” IF I exercise it.” Oh, I don’t know that I have complete control but I do believe we have more control than most of us give ourselves credit for.


First, let’s look at the sensory input. What control do I have on this? Isn’t it a matter of attention and where I focus my attention? Right now, a lot of focus is on these thoughts as I type out these words, but I can also shift my attention and expand it out to take in the sounds around me — birds twittering, wind rustling the leaves, the movement of my 2 dogs beside me, the soft cool breeze upon my face. I can expand it out further to include the traffic sounds in the distance and the knock, knock of a person’s walking stick as they cross the wooden bridge below me.

So, one “control point” of my reality is what I choose to focus on. This can be expanded out to what I choose to read, what TV, movies and DVD I watch, and where and with whom I choose to hang out.

The second control point is regarding what meaning I ascribe to the input. We humans are “meaning-making creations.” It’s inherent in our nature to make meaning out of the stuff that happens to us and around us — the sensory input to which we give our attention. Ahh, but do we take control of that meaning-making process? Do we consciously choose to make up meaning that will enhance our life or do we default to the meaning that’s based in our past experiences and that often detracts from our lives?


I have found in my own life and in my own efforts to create my reality that congruency is important. When my thoughts, emotions, words and actions are all in alignment and congruent with my life purpose, life flows. But when any of these are not aligned, resistance occurs which can then lead to struggle, which can eventually lead to a feeling like a victim of life who had no ability to create anything.

For example, positive thinking by itself may not be enough. Our thoughts have the power to direct our lives but if they are accompanied with emotions that aren’t aligned with the thoughts, or if our actions aren’t consistent with the thoughts, then it’s a little like trying to drive a car with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake. Just as such a driving technique can be tough on a car, such an approach to life can be tough on us.

Now back to our original question — do we create our reality? Well, it depends. We do if we exercise the option. We are given the opportunity to take control — control of where we focus our attention which includes what sensory input we feed ourselves. Do we feed our mind and spirit arbitrarily by reading/watching/sensing just anything that comes our way, or do we take control of what sensory input we allow in?

Perhaps even more importantly, do we take control of the meaning-making process inherent in being human? Do we choose to come from Universal love, a sense of abundance, and a willingness to flow with our Divine Spirit or do we default to the meaning based in fear, lack and struggle.

Ok, you’ve read my thoughts on the subject. How about yours. Please post your purposeful ponderings here on the Living and Working On Purpose Blog.