Creating a New Relationship to Money & Finance

One of the powerful aspects of the Life On Purpose Mentoring Program that we’ll be exploring in depth is Purposeful Prosperity, and while it encompasses much more than just our relationship with money and our finances, these are two important parts of shifting to a more purposeful and prosperous mindset.

So, today let’s explore that with this online video that explores and expands upon the money principles below the link:

Here are some notes to keep in mind as you watch:

Money Principle #1: Most of us have an automatic, deeply-seated-in-the-past relationship with money that is based in fear and lack. This fearful relationship repels money away from us.

Money Principle #2: It is possible to create a new relationship to money that is based in Universal love, & true experience of abundance. This relationship will then begin to attract money to us as well as other resources that support who we truly are as we express our Divinely Inspired Life Purpose.

Here’s how to go about replacing the ‘off purpose pattern’ with a life-enhancing ‘on purpose pattern’ about money and finance.

Step 1: Bring the lack-based relationship you have with money from the background of your awareness to the foreground.

When I’m stuck in fear and lack (worried, anxious, concerned, etc.) money occurs as:

Example – I never have enough money. I have to work and work doing something that is hard, boring or distasteful just to make enough to get by. I have to ‘sell my soul’ to make enough money, etc.
This money shift process will be greatly enhanced if you have uncovered your Inherited Purpose.

Step 2: Acknowledge the fear based relationship to money as untrue, as a lie you’ve told yourself about money for so long that you’ve come to believe it to be true.

If you find it’s hard to get as a lie, start by being willing to consider it may be untrue, then collect evidence to verify the untruthfulness of it.

Example – There are other people I know who always seem to have plenty of money and they’re doing what they really love. If they can do it, I can as well.

Step 3: Create a new relationship in money that is based in Universal Love, an experience of true abundance, and a willingness to flow with life.

Example – Here’s a Divinely Inspired relationship to money that I have found to be universal in nature:

Money is simply one form of the infinite resources provided by a benevolent Universe and available to me for the ongoing expression and fulfillment of my life purpose.

This step will be greatly enhanced if you have clarified your true purpose.

Step 4: Then live as though the new relationship and declaration is true. Begin to identify, collect and create evidence that verifies its truth.

Declaration / Affirmation – Money is simply one form of the infinite resources provided by a benevolent Universe and available to me for the ongoing expression and fulfillment of my life purpose.

Evidence: the kindness of strangers confirms we live in a benevolent Universe. Identifying the many other forms of the infinite resources available to us.

Your fear-based relationship took years to ‘become true’ so give your new relationship to money time to take hold.

Life On Purpose Mentoring Programlopimentorbanner

Lend me your life for a year. I’ll give you back a life on purpose

People find there way to Life On Purpose Institute for many different reasons.

  • Perhaps you long for a deeper spiritual connection,
  • Maybe you feel you’re drifting through life –  just going through the motions,
  • It could be that you find yourself at a crossroads in your life and not sure which direction to turn. If so, you may feel stuck, confused or unsure how to move forward.
  • Or it could be you feel overwhelmed and stressed out right now.

Perhaps You’ve Tried These Options

Often when such challenges arise in life we may start by trying to ignore the quiet voice of “Divine Discontent.” Unfortunately, that rarely works, so you may simply try to work your way out of it. If neither of these strategies work (and they seldom do), then you may resort to trying to anesthetize yourself…either by overindulging in alcohol, drugs, too much television, hours and hours of video games, or nighttime binges of ice cream.

And still, the quiet call…”there must be more to life than you’re experiencing” continues.

These solutions and strategies rarely work. Instead, they often only prolong the pain and discontentment because they really don’t get to source of the issue. The only thing I’ve found that really works when Divine Spirit is calling you out, is to answer the call.

What you need to do is not ignore the call, not keep hanging up on the call, not try to change your number.  Instead the only real, lasting solution is to answer the call by becoming clear why you brought yourself to this life — to identify, once and for all, your life purpose — your Divinely Inspired Purpose.

But knowing what ‘to do’ is only part of the answer.  The real question that then needs to be answered is ‘how’?

HOW do you become crystal clear what your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose is? And once you know your purpose HOW do you design your life to be a true and authentic reflection of that purpose?

These are some of the questions that are explored in depth in our upcoming Life On Purpose Mentoring Program. 

I’m not kidding. I truly do believe and am committed that for the small group of people (as few a 6, as many as 10) people who enroll into this program, we’ll work diligently and play purposefully to give you a life on purpose back to you at the end of the year.

Learn all about it by Clicking Here.