“Knowing what currently exists is another skill. While this may sound deceptively simple, in fact most of us have been encouraged to view reality with a particular bias…. One of the most important abilities creators have is the ability to be objective about their own creations.”

In Part 2 of this series, we explored the structure of creating that I term creating the Gap, and that powerful creators start by envisioning what it is they want to create. I refer to this as a Visionary Reality of what’s possible.

The next steps are:

2. Know what currently exists (Your Current Reality)

3. Take action

I have found that one effective way to get a better handle on what your current reality is is to look back from the future you’re creating to identify what resources you already have that can be called upon in the creative process. For example, here’s a partial list of what resources Life On Purpose Institute already has to bring our next Visionary Reality into existence:

* In business for 12+ years with web presence and a reputation of integrity.
* Ann and I have over 40 years of combined experience and talent as coaches and 17+ years as aligned purpose partners
* Fully functioning current website with an even better and more visitor friendly site on the way
* Ann and Brad capable program leaders
* Pool of other Life On Purpose Certified Coaches to draw from
* Proven systematic Process that works to help people live on purpose
* 2 offices with computers and other equipment for running the show while keeping overhead low with room to expand as needed.
* Talented and dedicated VA to handle many of the details.
* Life On Purpose Book published in May of 2007 with many rave reviews
* Living & Working On Purpose radio show
* Living & Working On Purpose blog which is also syndicated on

And that’s only about half the list and it’s growing, but that gives you a good idea what I’m suggesting. Look from your future, let’s say where you’re living fully on purpose, back to the current reality to see what resources contributed to your life on purpose. You may be surprised how long your list is.

And in the process you’ll no doubt identify some resources that are missing that were they present they’d contribute to your Visionary Reality, so make a second list of these. Together, these two resource lists become the building material for the bridge that will take you from your current reality to your vision of what’s possible.

Here’s a partial second list:

* Refined business plan and marketing plan/strategy
* Broader reach to Mainstream America
* Develop Seasoned Coaches Development Program Curriculum and include in marketing plan
* Train 2-4 LOPC Coaches to lead LFLFP, POM, and eventually CDP & SCDP
* Major publisher (Hay House or better) for future books in Series
* Literary agent to represent works in USA and abroad
* Expansion capital to fuel the growth

And so, what about that third step — taking action? Well, it’s the process of building that bridge, utilizing these amble resources wisely and resourcefully. And as you do so, you’ll probably find there are other resources that you already have, particularly inner resources like perseverance, patience, and courage that you’ll want to add to the appropriate list. You’ll also identify additional missing resources that you’ll want to attract to you, so add them to that list as you go.

I know one that I could add to both lists — the ability to take risks. I have that ability. I don’t think I could be an entrepreneur without it and as I begin to create what’s next, I also recognize that this is a ‘resource’ to develop further along with a deepening of my faith.

But that’s ok, because the Life On Purpose theme for this year is:

2008 — a Year of Transformation
Living in Faith: In the Mainstream, In Momentum & In the Money.

Remember, if you’re not deliberating, consciously and purposefully creating your life then your life will be ‘created’ by the circumstances. An in this default mode, before you know it your life becomes dealing with one circumstance after another. Don’t miss out. Choose to be the author of a masterpiece — your life on purpose.