Decisions, Decisions – Making Them On Purpose

Decisions, decisions…choices, choices.  Everywhere you turn these days there’s another one waiting to be made.  But how? In a world of so many options and possibilities, what do we use to help us make the “right” decisions and choices?

Do we draw straws?  Flip a coin? Throw a dart at a list of choices to be made?

Sure, why not?  Won’t those methods work?  Well, actually, yes, any of these ‘random ways’ of choosing can work IF we add in a couple of other things.

The Typical Ways We Often Make Decisions

Recently in a phone coaching session with two of my clients, we made a list of some of the typical ways people make decisions including:

*  Knee jerk / reactionary — where we make a rash decision often based in our past experience with something, often accompanied with some emotional charge — anger, fear or frustration.

*  Expectations of others – many decisions get made because of what we think our parents/teachers/mentors/friends or the neighbors might think or expect of us.

*  Mentally weighing the pros and cons — often to ad nauseam. Back and forth we go, what if that, what if the other, often tiring ourselves out.

Each of these often stem from fear — the fear of making the ‘wrong’ decision which is what happens when we place our decision making in the paradigm of “right vs. wrong,” “good vs. bad.”

The Role of Purpose in Decision Making

You had to know I’d get around to talking about purpose eventually, right?  Well, it’s true. Another way to make choices and decisions is to come from a different place — allowing the heart-connection of our Divinely Inspired Life Purpose to help us make those choices and decisions that are in alignment with our Divine Purpose.

Imagine for a moment your life is a ship cruising across the ocean of the Cosmos.  Who’s at the helm?  Who’s steering your life?  Your heart or your head?

Both can play an important role in living on purpose.  What I’d like to suggest is to allow your heart — your connection to Divine Guidance — be the captain of the ship, and your mind be the crew.  You see, your heart knows the way just like the captain of the ship knows the route to take, and it’s the job of the crew to then make the adjustments with the sails, to keep the ship on course.

Okay, enough with the metaphor.  How do we apply this Life On Purpose Perspective in a practical way.  How do we make sure it’s our heart at the helm?

Feel Your Way Along the Purposeful Path
Back to the idea of ‘flipping a coin’ to make decisions.  It can work if you add in one little adjustment.  You’re not stuck with going with what the coin decides.  Let’s say you have the choice of going to a networking event or staying home and working on your next book.

As you take the coin, take a moment to center yourself in your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose. For me, I might focus my attention and intention on living an inspired and inspiring life of service, simplicity and spiritual serenity. Then I flip the coin – heads I go networking, tails I stay home and write.

It comes up heads, and as it does so I feel a let down. Shucks, I really was looking forward to writing today…and so, I honor that pull to express my purpose through my writing.

Of course, flipping a coin is just one way to start honoring that intuitive guidance that we all have access to but that many of us have ignored or suppressed.

Why not give it a try this week. Follow the breadcrumbs of your passion and see where it leads you.  I bet you won’t be disappointed.