Designing 2009 On Purpose & In the Public Eye (Part 2)

Ann and I (and previously) Amber are moving through some health challenges with some nasty crud that we all came down with and that has thrown our plans for designing this new year a bit off schedule.

I'm also feeling a calling to take a somewhat different approach…and I'm not quite sure what it is.  In the past we've had an overall theme, at least one for LOPI and sometimes for our life outside of LOPI, but this year it's feeling more like the theme may be purposeful service, simplicity and spiritual serenity — the essence of my life purpose.  And inside that there are certain 'intentions' we're looking at including:

1 – Simplifying life — I guess in comparison to many families we live pretty simple lives but it seems like it's time to simplify further.  While some of that will include things that will involve cost savings, that's only one of the benefits we see.  We want our lives to be 'free and clear.'  That's the phrase I awoke to this morning.

2. Healthy in body mind and spirit — certainly nothing like some contrasting creeping crud to help reveal how much we've taken our generally good health for granted.  And we want more than just 'general good health' we want this year to take on being the healthiest we've ever been.  And in alignment with this intention, let me share a resource that perhaps some of you reading this might find of interest.  It's an interview by Regina Meredith  of did with Living Food guru David Wolfe.

I must admit David gets a bit 'out there' with part of the interview but he so much is a walking demonstration of what's possible, you can't help but be inspired.  Take a look and listen.

3. Other intentions include deepening our connection with our CEO (Cosmic Enlightened Officer) which falls under spiritual serenity and means both deepening our spiritual practice time (doing) and our overall faith in Spirit as our ultimate source.

4. Purposeful Service — well for sure, that's where Life On Purpose Institute will be a prime area of self expression.

So, there's more I'll share as this process of design continues.  Just needed to started getting this from my head and heart into written form. Felt like this would be a good place to do it.